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10 Amusing Things to Do in Basel, Switzerland

Vinam Pachkhede Sep 23, 2019
Walk on the cultural cross road of the Renaissance and modern era while in Basel, Switzerland. Witness German and French glimpses as you visit the old town, cathedral and town hall.

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Marvel at the beautiful red sandstone edifice, the Basel Minster, decorated with many Romanesque elements.


Witness the art from the 1500s to the 20th century. It houses the art work of artists like Konrad Witz, Rembrandt, Cézanne, Picasso, Franz Marc.

Museum Tinguely

You will definitely go nuts while going through the quirky, wacky, and weird work of Jean Tinguely. It displays art works of other contributors as well.

Paper Mill Museum

Established in 1453, this mill has been serving as a museum since 1980. Make a paper of your own and learn about the printing evolution.

Historical Museum

Stroll through to encounter Basel’s archaeological heritage, Basel Cathedral Treasury, Renaissance and Baroque exhibits, and much more.

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Spalentor is the inner gate that is still remaining of the three ancient gates. Visit the St. Peter’s church located adjacent to it.

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Basel Zoo

One of the oldest zoos in Switzerland, it is home to reptiles, king and gentoo penguins, 500 species of fish, cheetah, and other mammals.

Toy Museum

This museum has made to the headlines as it flaunts the collection of nearly 6,000 dolls, various doll houses, 2,500 teddy bears and many other toys.

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Chocolate Tasting Tour

Go on a chocolate tasting tour that takes you to the age old and authentic chocolate shops located in the Old Town.

Rhine River

The most popular activity here is the ride of Fähri boat. Other than that, you can indulge into water sports, sunbathing, barbecues, and much more.