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10 Attractions in Salzburg, Austria

Ishwari Pamu Jul 29, 2019
Salzburg, a charming city in Austria with a deep-rooted cultural history and striking pieces of architecture, looks straight out of a Disney movie in every season. Here are a few worth-visiting spots in the city.

Hohensalzburg Castle

It sits atop the Festungsberg hill overlooking the old town of Salzburg.
Originally built in 1077, it has expanded over the years to be used as a stronghold, a prison and an army camp. But today, its walls enclose a torture chamber and three museums.

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Mirabell Gardens

This wonderful establishment of well-manicured and perfectly symmetrical gardens is the perfect place to be if you like gardens and want to spend your day leisurely.

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Altstadt (Old Town)

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Salzburg Old Town covers most of the main sites of the city. Expect a lot of medieval and baroque style buildings and narrow, twisted alleys laid in stone; it’s a treat for architecture admirers.

Salzburg Cathedral

Featuring magnificent interiors with multiple columns, beautiful frescoes and an organ, it is of immense historical significance to the city. Mozart even composed a few of his pieces in this church during his time as an organist.


If you want to shop for souvenirs or just shop in general, this is where you go.
With shops hemming this narrow street, the charming little windows and the wrought-iron guild signs only add character to it.

Mozart’s Birthplace

Birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the legendary composer, this house is now a museum that chronicles his childhood and his early years as a composer.

St. Peter’s Abbey

The foundation of this church dates back to 696 AD.
One of the oldest monasteries in the German-speaking area, it houses the oldest library in Austria with 800 rare and precious manuscripts, and a special collection of incunabula.

The Streets of Salzburg

Get lost in the narrow, old-world streets of the city to explore the real Salzburg beyond Mozart and the other typical tourist attractions.

Must-Visit Places Near Salzburg

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Though not a part of Salzburg, Hallstatt, with it’s pastel-colored houses that cast a soft, wavering reflection in the lake at it’s feet, is a quaint little town enveloped in imposing mountains on all sides.

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Ski resorts in the Austrian Alps have a laid-back and an old-world charm to them with some of the longest ski runs linking to small, cozy villages. Who needs the Swiss Alps!