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10 Best Beaches in Africa

From the Seychelles to Namibian coast laden with seals, you will love the stunning beaches and islands of Africa.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jul 30, 2019
Kick back and relax on your African holiday at the most beautiful beaches in the world. It may come as a huge surprise for some as Africa is not just famous for its wildlife and drastic climate, but also known for its pristine beaches that allow you to soak in the warm African Sun.

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1. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

The dramatic landscapes surrounded by natural sand and rich marine life, Sharm el-Sheikh is a must-visit, famous family-friendly beach.

2. North Island, Seychelles

Also called the ‘Sunset Beach’, it is where the water turns pink during sunset and giant tortoises give a visit.

3. Diani, Kenya

With strolling camels, swinging monkeys to see, this beach is perfect to bathe in the clear water under the bright, warm sun.

4. Shela Beach, Kenya

The most relaxing and laid back beach that is not just stunning, but ideal for getting close to marine life, learn about the local culture, traditional architecture, museum, and more.

5. Watamu Beach, Mombasa

Being a serene beach with white sand and offshore coral formations, the Watamu Beach is one of the best beaches in Mombasa.

6. Buffalo Bay Beach, South Africa

One of the best beaches in Africa for families, its gentle waves are perfect for beginner surfers.

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7. Beau Vallon Bay Beach, Seychelles

Clear waters, beautiful coral reefs, this popular tourist beach has many activities related like snorkeling and diving.

8. Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast

This colonial town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lined with biscuit-colored shore and delicious Ivorian seafood.

9. Loango National Park, Gabon

Known as the ‘land of the surfing hippos’, this beach is known for wildlife such as elephants, hippos, etc. strolling on the beach. Humpback whales and turtles are found here in specific seasons.

10. Tofo Beach, Mozambique

Said to be ‘the next Goa’, Tofo beach has all the qualities of a good beach. It includes clean beaches, good restaurants, and a colorful nightlife.
These beach destinations have a calm, refreshing mood that rejuvenates a tired mind and body. Do try visiting the beaches in Africa as they will prove to be a welcome surprise other than the mesmerizing wildlife safaris.