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10 Best Markets in Hong Kong

Anushree Ingale Aug 13, 2019
The markets in Hong Kong are not just for shopping but one can also have various great experiences here!! Go ahead and you will get to know about the various markets throughout Hong Kong.

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Wan Chai Street Market

One of the biggest market in the residential area, where commodities ranging from kids' toys to different varieties of Chinese clothes are available.

Temple Street Night Market

This is the best market to visit in the night to see the crowd and enjoy boundless shopping!!

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In addition to shopping at Temple Street Night Market, one can’t miss the endless supply of street side Dai Pai Dongs servings for varieties of food.

Stanley Market

This eponymic market should definitely be in your list where you can stock up Hong Kong's souvenirs for friends back home.

Cat Street

The fame of this market is - a collection of Chinese antiques are found here!

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Golden Shopping Arcade

This place is apparently known as Hong Kong’s best computer selling market.

Costume Market

Hong Kong is a party town! At the Costume Market, you find plenty of costumes, ball masks and accessories to make your bash go with a swing...

Ladies Market

With varieties of cheap Chinese goods available, this place has clothes for both men and women, despite the name!

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Gold Fish Market

This major market for aquarium fish, where a huge variety of colorful fishes are found, attracts tourists the most!

Business Card Market

If you want to design business cards according to your choice, a visit to this place is must!

Flower Market

One of the prettiest market where every kind of flower is available whose fragrances just touch your hearts.