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10 Best Things to Do in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital and largest city in Slovenia. Visit the cleanest and greenest city in Europe.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Aug 27, 2019

Top Attractions in Ljubljana

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1. Ljubljana Castle

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More than 900 years old castle stands tall over the hill and can be reached on foot or the funicular train. There is a café, nightclub, galleries, as well as a restaurant in the main courtyard.

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2. Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge can be seen on your way to the main market. The green dragon is hard to miss. It was one of the first reinforced concrete bridges built in Europe.

Ljubljana Tidbit:

The tongue twister name of Ljubljana is pronounced, Loo-blyah-na. The “‘j’s” in Slovenian is pronounced as “y’s” in English.

3. Prešeren Square

Prešeren Square is the area where all the major roads of the city meet. It is where all the major events of the city take place. A huge statue of 19th-century poet France Prešeren is installed across the square.

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4. Triple Bridge

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The three bridges decorated with stone balustrades and lanterns are located in the Prešeren Square.

Ljubljana Tidbit:

The people of Ljubljana are environmentally conscience and make sure they recycle, use low-emission public transport or bicycles over cars.

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5. Tivoli Park

This elegant garden was landscaped in 1913 and extends to the slope of Rožnik Hills, it has a fish pond, botanical garden, and the largest green space to escape hectic city life.

6. Metelkova Mesto

Metelkova Mesto is different with graffiti artists creating magic on the city buildings. Those interested in graffiti arts should definitely visit this place. It's just 10 mins away from the old town.

Ljubljana Tidbit:

The dragon is the symbol of Ljubljana and their sculptures can be seen all over the city.

7. Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Do visit this cathedral to view mesmerizing and exquisite frescoes on its walls, ceilings and bronze sculptured doors. The main doors have the history of Slovenia sculptured over them.

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8. Lake Bled

Visit Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj and caves in the surrounding area to spend a wonderful day at stunning locations.

Ljubljana Tidbit:

Ljubljana has risen like the phoenix after an earthquake in 1895 left the city in ruins. Visionaries rebuilt the city like a masterpiece throughout different periods of history.

9. Open Kitchen Market

Every Friday in late spring to late autumn, you can visit the Open Kitchen Market for the lunch of your life. Cuisines from Slovenia as well as around the world are served here with the best drinks the country has to offer.

10. Stand-Up Paddling

A popular activity in Slovenia, you can try this unique activity to explore Ljubljana. You can even try traditional boat tours and enjoy the scenes around Ljubljanica river.

Ljubljana Tidbit:

The people of Ljubljana love eating farm-fresh food and never compromise on their health.
Spend some time visiting different galleries and museums or enjoy a walk on the river bank. Ljubljana has many things to offer from history, art, nature, architecture, fun nightlife and much more!