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10 Interesting Things to Do in Morocco

Priya Johnson May 20, 2019
Morocco is a country known for its diverse culture, stunning landmarks, sand dunes, olives, and spices. It offers a variety of unique experiences that you will cherish all your lives.

Blue Pearl or Chefchaouen

This city in Morocco is unique because it’s painted in blue. The walls, houses, stairways, etc. are all painted in shades of blue. The city looks like it’s pulled straight out of a fairytale.

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Aït Benhaddou

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this brown city looks like it’s carved out from the mountain itself. Several famous movie scenes have been shot here.

Watch Moroccan Tree-climbing Goats

What's so special about Moroccan goats? Moroccan goats climb trees! Touring around Morocco, it’s not unusual to find five to ten goats perched high on argan trees, munching on fruits.

Berber Tea

Traditionally Moroccan tea is green tea brewed with fresh mint and lots of sugar. It’s poured from a height to form a lovely layer of bubbles over a glass of amber-colored tea.

Souks of Marrakesh

Known as one of the world’s most exotic market places to shop in, shopping in the souks is an amazing experience. Take home all kinds of colorful souvenirs from the little artifact-laden stalls here.

Luxury Camps in the Desert

Treat yourself to a stay in the luxury camps of the Sahara Desert. Enjoy the camel rides on the sand dunes, delectable food, bonfires, Berber music, and a night under the stars.

Street Food

Morocco’s food scene is diverse and the quickest way to dive into it is by going on a street food tour. Walk around the market stalls and treat yourself to authentic traditional dishes like harira, merguez, maakouda, tagine, etc.

Traditional Hammam

Traditional hammam experiences are unique and often unforgettable. Allow yourself to be pampered with special argan oil soaps, masks, and scrubs in these steam rooms.

Moroccan Olives

The olive variety in Morocco is endless, cured in different methods and flavored with herbs and spices. Make sure you eat all you can and take home plenty.

Riad Stay

Riads are traditional guesthouses spread all over Morocco, that impart an authentic Moroccan stay. These architectural beauties are often two storied with terrace garden, pools, patios and local food.