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10 Most Beautiful Cities in Romania!

Swarali Jambhale Aug 8, 2019
Romania defines elegance. A combination country of world’s heaviest building and one of the world’s most beautiful roads, “the land of Dracula” is all about vibrant cobblestoned towns layered with history!


Possibly, the most famed places in the east of Europe, Brașov is the 7th most populous city in Romania!

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This former European capital of culture is the beating pulse of Romania!

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Romania's third largest city, credits its cultural diversity to the presence of Greeks, Germans, Italians, Serbs and Bulgarians in the city!


The little Paris is one of the 15 cities with world’s fastest internet connection!


Sinaia, the Carpathian Pearl is home to one of the most beautiful castles in Europe!

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Heart of Transylvania, the most vivacious city of Europe is 2,000 years old!


Fall in love with this UNESCO World Heritage Site for its colorful streets and historic connections!


The oldest inhabited city houses the country’s most beautiful abandoned buildings - Constanța Casino!


The cultural capital of Romania is among the most vital education and research centers!

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An elite place, Oradea is also one of the most livable cities in Romania!