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10 Mouth-Watering South Korean Foods You Need to Try

Food inspirations from this Asian country will leave you longing for more!
Prerana Jamdarkhana Sep 11, 2019
Globally known for its spicy-sour flavor prepared from cabbage, your meal is incomplete without Kimchi.
Samgyeopsal - Koreans love their pork grilled and not marinated or seasoned, with sesame oil, wrapped in lettuce with garlic and onion.
Literally meaning ‘Fire Meat’, have a bite of Bulgogi- thin marinated slices of meat, grilled on barbecue sprinkled with spices.
Japchae - amazingly soft and sweet, this side dish of stir-fried noodles will satisfy your taste buds.
A comforting bowl of rice, vegetables, mushrooms, beef, fried egg and much more. Bibimbap is a piece of heaven!
Dig into this delicious hot soup, Seolleongtang, made from ox bone, ox meat and briskets.

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Any seafood lover cannot say no to Haemul Pajeon, a crunchy pancake made with rice, egg batter, seafood and green onion.
Chicken, garlic, rice, scallion, Korean jujube, Korean ginseng, and spices are combined to prepare the slurping soup – Samgyetang. Healthy and tasty!
Sundubu-jjigae- a soft tofu stew mixed with vegetables, mushrooms, seafood and meat is going to make your belly happier.
Vegetarian?! No worries. Koreans have a splendid mix of cold soybean soup with wheat flour noodles Kongguksu for you.