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10 Places to Visit in Bonn, Germany

Bindu swetha Jun 24, 2019
Bonn, the former capital of West Germany (1949-1990) is a must on any traveler's list. Its old world charm, the amazing museum, and the enchanting riverside view is an utterly delightful experience.

Drachenburg Castle

If you are a history buff, then the Drachenburg Castle will interest you! The dramatic look of this 19th-century palace is located atop a hill overlooking the Rhine river. The period-specific furniture pieces, the beautiful old paintings, and the gardens and terraces are reasons enough to visit the castle!


Bonn is famous as the birthplace of Beethoven. Bonngasse 20 has been turned into a museum, where you will find a rotating collection of special exhibits from across the globe. To get a hang of the late composer's tunes, head straight to Beethovenhalle for a concert by the Beethoven Orchestra.

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The Museum Mile is a mile-long strip of museums. There's a museum for everyone on this stretch! If you are interested in World War II, visit the House of History (Haus der Geschichte); or in natural science, then head straight to Alexander König Museum; or in maths, visit the Arithmeum (history of mathematics)...the list goes on!

The Ahr Valley

The romance and beauty of the river Rhine can be best experienced when you head out of the city. Ahr is an offshore tributary, and the river drifts lazily through the Ahr valley! The temperature throughout the year is pleasant, so you can plan your hiking expeditions, biking trips, or a lazy day on the riverbank, anytime.

Bonn Minster

The church, one of the oldest in Germany, was built during the 11th-13th centuries. Though it suffered some damage, the original essence of the church isn't lost. The nave of the basilica is a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles and is an interesting site. Plan your visit during winters to enjoy the Christmas market, right in front of the Minster.

Botanical Garden

The Poppelsdorf Palace's grounds have a variety of botanical collection, that are arranged in formal beds and are surrounded by the palace's moat. With now nearly 8,000 plant species and five huge greenhouses, and the Victoria House which shelters a pond that has huge water lilies alongside other tropical plants.

Poppelsdorf Palace

The Poppelsdorf palace was built in the 18th century on a site of a ruined castle! This Baroque palace belongs to the University of Bonn since the 19th century and houses some amazing natural science collection. You can spend a whole day visiting the palace and the botanical garden!

Cherry Blossom Avenue

All of us think of Japan as soon as we hear cherry blossom festivals. But Bonn has its own cherry blossom festival every spring. The Heerstrasse Avenue transforms into a cherry blossom avenue with splashes of pink on streets surrounded by Neoclassical buildings. Visit the place as soon as spring begins, as the flowers blossom for just a couple of weeks.

Waldau Forest

If you are craving for some nature therapy, then visit the Waldau forest, towards south of Bonn. The forest has inhabitants like deer, owl, wild boars, bats, and badgers. You can enjoy some relaxing walks with oak trees and hornbeams for company!

Food Market at the Altes Rathaus

If you are tired with all the sightseeing and are seeking a break, then head straight to the Altes Rathaus square. It's the perfect place to buy fresh olive bread, cheese, sausages and the like. The market is held every day from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm except Sundays.
When at Bonn, you won't find yourself searching for entertainment options on a rainy day! The place has plenty of sightseeing options on offer.