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10 Terrific Places to Visit in Mainz, Germany

Sonali Pimpale Aug 2, 2019
Situated on the left bank of the Rhine River, Germany’s wine capital makes its way to the tourists’ hearts with quintessential old town charm and Romanesque architectures.

Mainz Cathedral

The towering sandstone cathedral is associated with tremendous religious and political significance. The solemn, ancient walls hold several tombs of princes and archbishops, and valuable religious artworks from the eras bygone.

Old Town

Dominated by gorgeous squares and old half-timbered houses, the Old Town will transport you back to ancient times.

St. Stephan

Restored after suffering massive damage during the Second World War, the 10th century Collegiate church is renowned for its stunning, peerless blue stained glass windows designed by Marc Chagall.

Gutenberg Museum

Dedicated to Johannes Gutenberg, the famed inventor of the movable metal type printing press, the museum highlights include a recreation of the original printing press, bookplates belonging to famous personalities, and the rare Gutenberg Bibles.


One of the few churches in Mainz to escape relatively unscathed from the Second World War, the church of St. Augustin is much admired for the splendor of its Rococo interiors.

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Botanischer Garten

A part of the University of Mainz, the Botanischer Garten houses an arboretum, greenhouses and an alpine garden with around 8,500 species of regional and tropical plants.


The beautiful square in front of the Mainz Cathedral is dotted with half-timbered homes and outstanding monuments, including the Marktbrunnen (Market Fountain).
The square comes alive with activity on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings where locals and tourists flood the market, hunting for fresh produce.

Museum of Ancient Seafaring

Well-preserved remains of Roman warships and their replicas, and a glimpse into the history of the city’s shipbuilding are the crowning glory of this museum.

Sanctuary of Isis and Magna Mater

In 2000, ruins of a beautiful, ancient temple dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Isis and Magna Mater was unearthed in the most unlikely of places – underneath a shopping center!

Landesmuseum Mainz

One of the oldest museums in Mainz, this museum includes a large collection of paintings donated by Napoleon to the city in 1803. The extensive paraphernalia encompasses tools from prehistoric ages, Baroque and Renaissance artifacts, and laudable paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries.