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10 Top-Rated Attractions in Crete, Greece!

Swarali Jambhale Nov 30, 2019
There are people who like to chalk out the trip before traveling and there are some who leave it to the destiny. Anyways, Crete is a place that needs planning well before as there are several must-see attractions which you must see!

Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge, the second most visited place in Crete requires some hard efforts to look at, just a 10-mile hike downhill! Remember, springtime is the best to be at this flowery place.


Europe’s oldest city, Knossos is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site in Crete! Knossos was such a myth-full place that historians thought that the place didn’t exist! Go and see the Palace of Knossos!

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Crete’s beaches are just unmissable! Best choice for beach lovers would be the beaches on Elafonisi Island! Quiet spots, noisy pit-stops along crystal-blue waters on Elafonisi are the locals’ favorite!


Do weird historic stories and ghost towns interest you? Now named as Kalydon, the uninhabited Spinalonga was first carved out from the Crete island for defense purposes and then transformed into a leper colony!


A pretty old town with lively market having historical influences, Chania has lovely views! Exploring Chania for hours is really exciting! The Botanical Park of Crete is for couples and the Chania Municipal Agora is for the shopping buffs!

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It’s a non-touristy place! It’s a village and is a hidden gem of Crete! Quaint homes with colorful flowers outside, white walls brushed up with the laid back vibe is all what Myrtos is! Visit the Agios Antonios Church if you wish to.


Get to know the Minoan Civilization at the Phaistos Minoan Palace, it’s quite interesting! Furthermore, the well-known Phaistos Disc discovery makes the place all more fascinating!

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Balos Lagoon

Camera ready!? The most picturesque beach in Crete is a truly sought-after halt if you commute by a boat and not a car! You can also visit the unsettled island, Gramvousa for the Venetian castle.

Agios Nikolaos

A complete blend of relaxed air and bustling ambience, the cool vibed town welcomes all kind of minds! Get going to the Lake Voulismeni or boat to the Barbarossa Cave or just unwind at any of the beaches.

Arkadi Monastery

You'll feel the vibe of sacrifice of hundreds of Greeks here, know the historic tragedy to know why! The architecture too is worth the attention.