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10 Wonderful Attractions in Leipzig, Germany

Sonali Pimpale Aug 19, 2019
Teeming with architectural gems, outstanding museums and blessed by a rich musical heritage, the largest city in Saxony is a gold mine for the wanderlusters.

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Old Town Hall

The imposing 16th century town hall is one of the finest specimens of Renaissance architecture.
The hall hosts a museum where you can scour through the city’s past. The square in which the hall resides is the site of a weekly farmers' market that overflows with tantalizing fresh produce.

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Monument to the Battle of the Nations

The striking monument is a tribute to the vanquishment of Napoleon in the Battle of the Nations, fought in 1813.

St. Thomas Church

The Lutheran church where the legendary Johann Sebastian Bach performed the office of a Kapellmeister from 1723 to 1750, and where his remains are buried.

Bach Museum

An excellent museum that explores the life and times of the music extraordinaire, Johann Sebastian Bach. Avid devotees will get a chance to fawn over some of his rare, original manuscripts.

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Museum of Fine Arts

The 19th century museum, refurbished in a modern, dazzling avatar is a treasure chest of incredible works of German, Italian, French and Dutch art from medieval times to the present day.

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Leipzig Zoo

A delight for animal lovers, this is a zoo where around 850 species of animals and birds, including elephants, tigers, eastern quolls and rare Chinese pangolins caper around happily in naturalistic habitats.

St. Nicholas Church

The 12th century church has embraced Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architectural styles over the years. Said to be the cradle of the Peaceful Revolution in 1989, the church has been honored by the premiering of many of Bach’s phenomenal works.

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The beautiful square holds some of the most wondrous architectural glories of Leipzig, including Gewandhaus (the concert hall), and the glass-fronted Paulinum (University of Leipzig).

Grassi Museum

A vast complex of not one, but three excellent museums devoted to musical instruments, ethnography and applied arts.

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Leipzig Panometer

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A former gasometer that displays exquisite 360 degree panoramas dedicated to varied themes including the Titanic, Ancient Rome, Mount Everest, and the Great Barrier Reef.