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11 Awesome Tourist Attractions in Heidelberg, Germany

Vinam Pachkhede Aug 19, 2019
Enter the Renaissance era while visiting the different heritages in venerable Heidelberg University. Enjoy the lush and picturesque beauty of the town as well!

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Heidelberg Castle

This 16th-century German Renaissance architecture is the host for many events. Visit from June to August to attend Heidelberg Castle Festival.

Old Bridge

Reconstructed nine times, this medieval architecture is famous for the structures of Charles Theodore and Roman Goddess Minerva.

Kurpfälzisches Museum

Explore the paintings, sculptures, applied arts from the Renaissance era. You will also find archaeological artifacts as well.

Philosopher’s Way

Named after the great thinkers and poets who would walk and talk here, this place offers a delightful view of the city.

Heidelberg Thingstätte

Step into the Nazi Era at this amphitheatre, that have beholden many German Folk Tales. Walpurgis Night is still celebrated here on every April 30.

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Church of the Holy Spirit

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This late Gothic architecture flaunts an effigy of King Rupert III. Go to the viewing point at the top of the tower to sight the views city and castle.


Look at the appealing graffitis on the wall made by the students who were imprisoned at this old University for their misdeeds.

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This green bed near the Neckar River bank is the perfect place to spend an evening with your family.

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Heidelberg Zoo

Zoo is home to over 1,100 animals of more than 250 different species like, sea lions, meerkats, brown bear, pink flamingos.

Jesuit Church

Built in two different periods (1712, 1723), the church attracts the tourists for the high altar painting - the only preserved feature from ancient times.


Hike up the hill to visit the oldest 440 meter long sandstone and the ruins of St. Michael's Monastery.