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11 Best and Coolest Neighborhoods in Berlin, Germany

Swarali Jambhale Sep 2, 2019
A place very high on history that balances its party paradise nature and a laid-back lifestyle welcomes you with delicacies in its one hand and beautiful architectures on the other!


Great choice, so just rejoice! Affordable to eat, live and party, Friedrichshain also has spots of serenity!


A place of diverse minds, Kreuzberg is a relief from daily grinds! A lively place with lots to explore!


Charlottenburg is like a monitor of Berlin, silent, organized and a bit humdrum but worth it!

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The most interesting place in Europe is just flooded with techies and start ups!

Prenzlauer Berg

The inviting vibe is making the place more family oriented!


Just imagine living in a very exotic vibed place of Turkish and Arabic communities with a multi-cultural feeling!

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Great place to live in for families with a lot greener lands!


Honestly, Spandauers don’t see themselves as Berliners and also the vice versa is true! But still, Spandau is just great to be in.

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With a tinge of Eastern Heritage, Lichtenberg gives all you need, thanks to the Dong Xuan market!


Visit Marzahn with an open mind and you will be amused with so much to see apart from big blocks of buildings!


The least known neighborhood, Reinickendorf is a must-visit for Flughafen Tegel and much more that is unexplored!