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11 Best Cities to Visit in Poland

Yogeshwari Bhor Aug 27, 2019
The country will please you with its colorful cities, nature, people, amber jewelry, delicious food and significant hard drinks like polish beer and the world famous vodka which is produced here.

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This city raised literally from the ashes after the 2nd world war. You can explore the maximum in this sprawling capital. It flaunts its historical significance.
To get the gist of the city, you can visit the Jewish Ghetto Memorial, Polin Museum, Royal Way, Castle Square, Old Town Market Square, Copernicus Science Center, National Museum.


This is the 2nd biggest city in Poland. This dramatic city will leave you astounded with its many attractions.

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Museum Gallery of the 19th Century Polish Art, Historic Old Town, Schindler’s factory, Polish Aviation Museum, Wawel Castle, Lost Souls Alley, Virgin Mary Church are some of the places to visit in Krakow.

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This city is a principal port which is situated on the Baltic Sea. It shines due to its several historical attractions; and the world’s best amber is produced here.

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Gdańsk's city centre is relatively compact, with nearly all prime attractions accessible on foot. A nearby 17th century Neptune Fountain is an added beauty to the city.

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The Tri-city is situated in between Gdansk and Gdynia. This is an ideal destination for beach visit. You can take pride in walking on the longest iconic wooden pier of Europe.
A relaxing day can be planned here. The night life is exciting for the party lovers as Sopot has plenty of cafes and bars.

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This city sits on the Oder River in western Poland. The interesting places are Market Square, Ostrów Tumski, famous Dwarves and many more.


This stunning town has much to grab your attention with its diverse and vibrant central square, night-life, museums and other attractions.

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The historic city boasts of various outstanding places like District Museum, The House of Copernicus and Teutonic Knights Castle.


This city exhibits its cultural life in most of its areas. Visit the Silesian Museum, Museum of the History of Katowice, Valley of Three Ponds, and don’t miss the Muzeum Historii Gitary.

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This hidden gem has a unique atmosphere that will induce you to visit places like Lublin Castle, Old Town, Cathedral of Saint John Baptist, Botanical Gardens, Litewski Square.


The city has an industrial past. You can enjoy shopping here. Visit the Manufaktura, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Mickiewicza Park and the Grand theater.


This city has few diverse places to visit like the Old Town Hall, Szczecin Philharmonic, Wały Chrobrego and center for contemporary art named as Trafostacja Sztuki.