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11 Exciting Things to Do in Sapporo, Japan

Priya Johnson Dec 4, 2019
Capita city of Hokkaido Island, Sapporo is a vibrant city with lots of festivals taking place throughout the year. Known for delicious seafood, refreshing craft beer, and lovely hot springs, Sapporo is an exciting place to explore.

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Sapporo TV Tower

Climb up to the tower’s observation deck for a 360-degree panoramic view of the city and Odori Park.

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Odori Park

This extensive park dividing the city is a popular space for annual festivals. It’s also a wonderful place to relax. Climb up the TV tower for a bird’s eye view of the entire park.
The biggest event in the city, Sapporo Snow Festival is held at Odori Park, drawing millions of visitors every winter. The ice sculpture competition is the highlight of the festival.

Moss Phlox or Shibazakura Flower Fields

Hokkaido island is known for its moss phlox flower fields and picturesque landscapes, especially during May. An hour's drive from Sapporo, this place displays breathtaking velvet pink flower carpet and the view of Mt. Yotei in the background.

Cake Buffet at Ishiya Chocolate Factory

Besides taking the usual factory tour, enjoy an elaborate cake buffet at Ishiya Chocolate factory. Also, take home the island’s iconic Shiroi Koibito’ (chocolate sandwiched in between two wafer thin cookies) as an edible souvenir.

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Sapporo Clock Tower

An iconic landmark of the city, this clock tower is a charming structure to photograph. Inside it is a museum that you can visit.
Covering an area of over 22 hectares, the highlights of the zoo are the Elephant House, Polar Bear Exhibit, as well as the red pandas of the Asian Zone.

Visit the Polar Bear at Maruyama Zoo

Sapporo Beer Museum Tour

There’s nothing like tasting some freshly brewed craft beer from its factory. Sign up for a tour around the museum and distillery, after which you can head to the beer garden that serves the finest beer with amazing food.

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Just an hour’s drive out of Sapporo city, Jozankei is popularly known for its hot springs. Soaking in these high mineral content hot springs is therapeutic and rejuvenating.

Experience the Hot Springs of Jozankei

Seafood Bowl or Kaisendon

Sapporo is a great place to have fresh and delicious seafood. Kaisendon is a bowl of rice topped with a large variety of fresh seafood toppings.

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Eat Sushi at a Conveyor Belt Restaurant

Enjoying a wide variety of fresh, delectable sushi off a conveyor belt is definitely a culinary experience worth having.

Delicious and Delicate Kegani - Hairy Crabs

Touted to be Japan’s crab capital, Sapporo dishes out some of the most delicious hairy crabs you can ever taste. The all-you-can-eat crab buffets are also great culinary experiences.