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11 Gorgeous Tourist Attractions in Sheffield, England

Vinam Pachkhede Aug 28, 2019
Sheffield is very rich in nature and architecture. Visit different monuments and parks to know about the city's industrial past and natural essence.

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Town Hall

Sure to be stunned by, this glorious building features clock tower with the statue of Lord Vulcan and silverware exhibits.

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Sheffield Cathedral

Constructed in the honour of St. Peter, St. Paul, witness the marble tomb of Earl of Shrewbury, Glass tower with abstract art.

Tropical Butterfly House Wildlife and Falconry Center

Observe the various butterflies, meerkats, reptiles, lemurs. You can also feed the farm animals at this rain-forest like spot.

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Botanical Garden

A perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, this garden has 5,000+ species of plants from South Africa, Asia, and Australia. Attend various open-air events hosted here.

Peak District National Park

The home of Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, Chatsworth house is located here. Also, you can explore various moorlands, hiking trails and caves in the park. 

Stanage Edge

Get to to be in Pride and Prejudice(like Keira Knightley), and challenge your guts at this rock climbing and biking spot.

Peveril Castle

Mentioned in the Domesday Survey, this Norman Fortress offers many panoramic views of Hope valley and other arenas.

Derwent Reservoir

You can take up the circular trail here by bike, cycle, or any means of transport. Spend some family time at the Millshield picnic site and visit Ladybower Dam.

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Peace Garden

Located near the city Town Hall, it is the most popular picnic spot. The kids love wandering along the beautiful fountains.

Padley Gorge

At this near to nature spot, enjoy the foaming water stumbling down the stones. Relax at the old pub.

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Park Square Bridge

Part of the Sheffield's Supertram System, this marvel is built in a bowstring arch supported with steel arch ribs and gliders.