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11 Interesting Things to Do in Bethlehem, Jerusalem

Priya Johnson Sep 17, 2019
Popularly known as the 'birthplace of Jesus Christ’, Bethlehem is a city rich in Biblical history and culture. However, besides Christian religious sites, Bethlehem also offers a variety of interesting activities for one and all.

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Church of the Nativity: Birthplace of Jesus

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this 325 AD church is one of the oldest churches in continuous operation in the world.
Believed to be built over the cave where Jesus was born, today, it’s the most popular tourist attraction in Bethlehem.

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Silver star signifies the exact birthplace of Jesus.

Milk Grotto - Chapel of Hope

This was the place Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus took refuge, to hide from the wrath of King Herod before they escaped to Egypt.
Consumption of the white, chalky powder scraped from the walls of the cave is believed to help women conceive.

Al Bad Olive Oil Production Museum

The museum revolves around ancient artifacts used for the production of olive oil as well as its use in a variety of cosmetics, medicines, etc. A great place to learn about the uses of olive oil.

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Old City Walking Tour

Situated in the heart of Bethlehem, Old City is a charming place to stroll around. Mostly from the Ottoman Period, the buildings and homes are admired for their ancient architecture.
Walk along the famous ‘Star Street’, which Joseph and Mary took on their way to the Milk Grotto.

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Mar Saba Monastery in the Desert

One of the oldest inhabited monasteries in the world, this fortress-like monastery is built off the cliff edge of the Kidron Creek, overlooking the Kidron Valley.
Explore the monastery, as well as the hermit caves and hiking trails around it.

Cremisan Vineyard and Wine Tasting Tour

Cremisan Winery is famous for its chemical and pesticide-free wines.
Sign up for a wine tour and enjoy a visit to the wine cellar filled with barrels of aging wine. Take home original Cremisan wines as souvenirs for family and friends.

Bethlehem Olive Wood Handicrafts

Bethlehem is known for its olive trees and olive wood, which is used to create a large variety of handicrafts like olive wood utensils, plaques, sculptures, etc. Purchase unique, olive wood Bethlehem souvenirs.

International Nativity Museum

This museum houses over 200 different styles of nativity cribs from different parts of the world, and is worth a visit.

Tamarind, Pomegranate, and Almond Juice

While we’ve all tasted pomegranate juice, the one prepared here is exceptionally fresh and delicious. Also taste the unusual flavors like tamarind and almond, which are equally refreshing and delicious.

Maqluba - Upside Down Rice Dish

Palestine’s national dish, Maqluba is a sumptuous dish to try when in Bethlehem. Made from rice, meat, and vegetables cooked in a pot, the dish is then turned upside down before serving.

Interact with the Locals

The people of Bethlehem are very warm and friendly. They readily help you with directions and local information. Spend time interacting with them over a cup of coffee.