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11 Interesting Things to Do in Queensland

Queensland, Australia’s take on paradise!
Amruta Deshpande Jul 17, 2019
Queensland is known for its picturesque cityscapes, pristine beaches and abundant native wild-life.

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Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Being the planet’s largest living structure this World Heritage listed natural wonder is so vast, you can even see it from space.
You could go snorkeling, diving, swimming or just take a tour of one of the many islands on the reef, there is so much more to experience on this majestic structure of Queensland.

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The Gold Coast

Famous for its beaches and surfing, the Gold Coast with its numerous skyscrapers is a popular tourist destination also having several shopping hubs and an attractive nightlife.
Also known as Australia’s theme park capital, Gold Coast offers a thrilling experience with a variety of joyrides for people of all ages.

Sea World, Movie World, Wet ’n’ Wild and Holoverse are some of them you mustn’t miss visiting.

Surfers' Paradise

You can choose from various adventure water sports or just chill out and enjoy shopping and dining along with visiting the various events that run throughout the year at the Surfers Paradise.

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Whitsunday Islands

Scattered like jewels on the Great Barrier Reef, this group of 74 islands is one of the iconic places to visit while in Queensland.
Spend your day sailing, swimming, snorkeling or diving in the calm and clear waters, or just take a leisurely and romantic walk on the fine white sand beaches of Whitsunday Islands.

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Fraser Island

This is the largest sand island of the world and the only one where sand dunes meet the rainforest. Witness this natural wonder which is also one of the World Heritage sites.

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The island is home to Maheno Shipwreck, one of the most photographed sites of Queensland.

The Daintree Rainforest

This is the world’s oldest tropical rainforest home to several tropical animal and plant species not found elsewhere on the planet.
Nature lovers can have it all by wandering through the dense forest by foot or taking a zip-line to get an even closer touch of the wildlife.

Explore the Australia Zoo

Home of The Crocodile Hunter, the Australia Zoo is your ultimate wildlife adventure destination delivering an animal experience like no other.
You could hand-feed the kangaroos, closely walk past the majestic tigers and the mighty elephants, the rhinos, zebras, giraffes, and even encounter some of the endangered species if you are lucky.

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Atherton Tablelands

You cannot miss taking the Hot Air balloon ride from Cairns to Mareeba Valley over the Atherton Tablelands. 

Get ready for a bird's eye view of the picturesque farmlands, rolling hills and rivers and forests as you soar over the scenic region.

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The Green Island

Explore the coral reef at the Green Island by taking a ride in a glass bottomed boat where you get to see the natural wonders that are hiding under the water.

The magnificent coral reef and the abundant marine life surely makes it a once in a lifetime experience.

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The Hervey Bay

Often referred to as the Whale Watch Capital of the World, you are sure to get a number of close shots with these water creatures at the Hervey Bay.

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Whitehaven Beach

The stunning Whitehaven beach adorns fine white sand is one of the most beautiful beaches of Queensland.

You could take a helicopter ride over the Whitesunday islands across the reef to reach the beach giving you a birds eye view of the scenic destination of Queensland.