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11 Interesting Things to Do in The Hague, Netherlands

Priya Johnson Sep 19, 2019
Nicknamed as 'City of Peace and Justice', Hague is the seat of Government proceedings. However, besides historical architecture like museums, palaces, etc. the city offers a lot of exciting activities for tourists.

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Go On a Walking Tour of: Binnenhof

The Dutch Parliament - Binnenhof - overlooking Hofvijver river is a center of politics and government proceedings in the country. A group of beautifully designed buildings for the official offices, it is situated in the heart of the city.

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Visit Hall of the Knights: Ridderzaal

One of the largest non-religious Gothic structures in Europe, this architectural beauty is the seat of the royal throne to the ruling monarch. 
Walk around the hall and take a look at the royal throne from which the monarch delivers the annual speech even today.

Wave to the King at: Noordeinde Palace

Unlike other European palaces, Noordeinde Palace is situated on a residential street. If you’re fortunate, you can even see the King looking out through the window! Make sure you look closely!

Unique View of the City at: Madurodam Miniature Interactive Park

Madurodam Miniature Village is a must-visit. This intricately-designed, 1:25 scale model of the city including famous buildings and other landmarks, etc. are a sight to behold!
The detailing is outstanding, with even the road and canal network replicated perfectly. Best place to get a unique bird’s eye view of the city.

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Enjoy Ferris Wheel at: Scheveningen Beach

Europe’s first Ferris wheel constructed over the sea, you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the sea and the city during a 20-minute ride. Best place to enjoy the sunset and get stunning clicks on your camera.

Experience Fine-Dining at: Het Strijkijzer

Enjoy an awesome panoramic view of the city, while dining at the Penthouse Restaurant on the 42nd floor of Hague Tower. This is a wonderful place to enjoy a memorable fine-dining experience in the skies.

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Take a Bike Tour in: Old Town

Rent a bike and cycle around Old Town. Soak in its historic charm and enjoy a completely different atmosphere from the city’s skyscrapers to urban landscape.

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Take a Stroll at: Japanese Garden, Clingendael Park

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A must-visit for photography and nature enthusiasts, 105-year-old Clingendael Park is known for its exquisite Japanese garden.
The beautifully-landscaped garden is home to a variety of rare plants.

Take a Garden Tour at: Peace Palace

During summers, enjoy a one-hour garden tour around the gardens of the iconic Peace Palace. Don’t miss the ‘Eternal Peace Flame’ that’s burning continuously since 1999 outside the gate.

Enjoy a Boat Tour at: Hague Canal

View the city from the lovely canals connecting the city. Guided boat tours will take you around various landmarks.

Visit Historic Car Museum: Louwman Museum

Also known as the National Automobile Museum, this museum houses the largest private collection of cars. Home to over 200 vintage cars and even carriages and motorbikes, this museum is definitely worth a visit.