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11 Things to Do in Quebec City for an Amazing Travel Experience

Sonali Pimpale May 30, 2019
A perfect embodiment of the French culture in Canada, the quaint, charming little city of Quebec has plenty of attractions to offer its eager explorers.

Traipse Around Old Quebec

Old Quebec, the only walled city north of Mexico, is designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. With an abundance of historical monuments and landmarks, taking a leisurely stroll through its cobblestoned streets is the best way to enjoy this historic neighborhood, and its vintage European charm.

Savor the Grandeur of Château Frontenac

Located in Old Quebec’s Upper Town, Château Frontenac is a luxury hotel built in the chateauesque style that pays a tribute to the French Renaissance architecture.
This grand hotel, overlooking the St. Lawrence River, is a major historical attraction that will give you a fairytale-like experience of staying in a castle.

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Be One With Nature at the Montmorency Falls Park

The rushing and gurgling waters of the behemoth Montmorency Falls draws all nature lovers to the Montmorency Falls Park.

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A staircase or cable car can take you up for a close view of the fall. In summer, adrenaline lovers can get their rush by ziplining for 1000 feet over the waterfall, while they can enjoy snowshoeing and ice climbing in winter.

Enjoy the Vista from Terrasse Dufferin

The 19th century wooden terrace overlooks the St. Lawrence river and encompasses the Château Frontenac. It is the perfect destination for a pleasant walk while enjoying a breathtaking view of the river and Old Quebec.
A summer visit to the terrace will give you a chance to enjoy gigs from street performers, while a winter sojourn will let thrill lovers indulge in a ride on an ice toboggan.

Take a Trip Back in Time at Place Royale

This section of Old Quebec is a treat for history buffs!
Place Royale is said to be “the cradle of French civilization in America”, and was the business and industrial center of the French colony in the 17th and 18th century. The charming neighborhood offers many excellent specimens of the French colony, including the Notre-Dame-Des-Victoires, the oldest stone church in North America.

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Get Lost in the Historic Lanes at the Museum of Civilization

The museum offers a look into the Canadian history, culture, sports and science.

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Through interactive exhibits, the Museum of Civilization promises a memorable, lifelike learning experience like nothing else.

Unleash Your Inner Shopaholic in Quartier Petit Champlain

The charming, European-style street was voted the most beautiful street in Canada. It is replete with art galleries, bistros and boutiques for you to shop till you drop!

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Hop on the Quebec-Lévis Ferry

A complete Quebec experience will be incomplete without a ferry ride on the St. Lawrence river.

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The 15-20 minute ride from Quebec to Lévis offers a spectacular view of the Quebec city from the water.

Have an Icy Experience at the Hôtel de Glace

Constructed entirely out of snow and ice, the Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel) is the only one of its kind in North America! You can either take a tour of the hotel to explore the Great Hall, the Ice Bar, the interior snow vaults, the chapel, the ice slide, and the ice sculptures, or take up a room in one of themed suites and enjoy the outdoor spa and sauna.

Lose Yourself in Literature at Morrin Centre

Originally a prison, the 200-year-old building is now a cultural center dedicated to educate the public about heritage interpretation and arts. The main draw of Morrin Centre is the Victorian library that contains 25,000 books. History lovers can enjoy a traditional afternoon tea in the library, along with period costumes and lessons in Victorian etiquette!

Take Part in Some Festivals!

Quebec hosts a myriad of exciting festivals all year round. From music, theater, and comedy to sports, art, history, and nature, you will undoubtedly find a festival that intrigues you.