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11 Things to Do in Vermont

Priya Johnson May 16, 2019
Vermont is a picturesque destination that charms you with its scenic beauty. It offers a wide range of unique experiences right from the granite quarry tour, teddy bear factory tour to the water-based activities at the lake.

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Covered Bridges

Vermont is popularly known for its covered bridges. It has over 100 covered bridges; the longest being the Cornish-Windsor bridge, which is 450 feet long, making it the longest wooden covered bridge in the United States.

Rock of Ages - Granite Quarry

Rock of Ages is the world’s largest deep-hole dimension granite quarry, making Vermont the premier supplier of granite in the world. Enjoy a tour around the granite plant and pick up a piece of granite from the souvenir bin. You should also check out their outdoor granite bowling alley.

Skiing in Vermont

Vermont is known for its picturesque ski slopes and offers a variety of skiing options to everyone. If you’re a skiing enthusiast, make sure you visit Vermont during the skiing season.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Taste some of the best apple cider donuts, jellies, hotdogs, and also try different samples of apple cider itself. Spoil yourself at their gift shop and take home apple cider products for family and friends.

Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

One of the largest producer of teddy bears in the world, this is a Vermont-must-visit-destination for all ages. Enjoy a tour around the factory watching teddy bears being made. Have fun making and naming your own personalized teddy bear here.

Vermont State House

One of the oldest state capitols in the US, it houses some of the oldest, active legislative halls in the country. Take advantage of the guided tours from late June to October. The rest of the year is open to self-guided tours.

Church Street Marketplace

This outdoor, open-air mall is a one-stop destination that will quench your needs to shop, eat, and be entertained, all in one place. Get a closer glimpse into the local life and enjoy the history-depicting galleries there.

Billings Farm and Museum

Billings farm is a place you can enjoy interacting with award-winning Jersey dairy cows. Watch how the milk is churned into butter, and enjoy some delicious farm Cheddar. Its outdoor history museum is one of the best in the world.

The Long Trail, Green Mountain Club

This long hiking trail is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the country and measures 272 miles. The trail runs across the state and offers a wide variety of camping, trekking, and hiking options to adventure enthusiasts.

Vermont Breweries

Craft beer is another highlight of the region. Vermont has the highest number of breweries per capita in the country. The Alchemist, Frost Beer Works, Hill Farmstead Brewery, Burlington Beer Company, etc. produce some of the finest beers your palate can taste.

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Lake Champlain

One of Vermont’s most popular spot with tourists, you can enjoy a plethora of water-based activities here like fly-fishing, sailing, kayaking, boating, etc.