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11 Unique Things to Do in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Priya Johnson Sep 19, 2019
Also known as Mobay, this Jamaican city is a popular tourist destination. Wildlife, nature, and photography enthusiasts are sure to knock off quite a few items from their bucket lists!

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Swimming with the Horses

Enjoy a 15-minute ride as the horses take you deep into Montego bay for a safe swim on their backs. It's a truly memorable experience!

Famous Green Grotto Caves

Featured in the James Bond movie, ‘Live and Let Die’, the Green Grotto Cave System is marveled for its unique geology and history. These caves are home to a variety of bat species.

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Martha Brae River Rafting

For an authentic Jamaican experience, hop aboard a 30-feet bamboo raft and enjoy a rafting tour across the Martha Brae River, under the guidance of a licensed rafting chief.

Miss Martha’s Herb Garden

This garden is home to a large variety of Jamaican medicinal herbs. Purchase and take home these healing souvenirs.

Haunted House Tour: Rose Hall Great House

Experience the fright of a lifetime during a 45-minute haunted tour at Rose Hall.

Delve into the legendary White Witch’s spooky stories, who is believed to roam the Great House even today!

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Rockland’s Bird Sanctuary

This beautiful sanctuary is home to Jamaica’s national bird 'Hummingbird', and a variety of other indigenous birds as well.
Enjoy a one-hour guided tour around the place. Feed the birds and soak in the natural chirping harmonies filling the atmosphere.

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Swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin Cove

You can’t leave Montego Bay without a one-on-one experience with endearing dolphins in the Carribean Sea! You can also interact with the sharks and stingrays.

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Climbing the Dunn’s River Falls

Climbers form a human chain by holding hands and climb the cascade together, for a unique waterfall experience.

Authentic Jamaican Patties

Flaky, crispy patties filled with juicy fillings like beef, chicken, fish, lobsters, and even vegetarian options, this dish is a must-try when in Montego Bay.

Luminous Lagoon - Glistening Waters

Breathtaking night tours of these luminous lagoon let us witness an amazing natural phenomenon of illuminant waters with fluorescent glow.

Bob Marley Museum Tour

Visit this birthplace and final resting place of Bob Marley - the Pioneer and King of Reggae. Located in Nine Miles, it is just two hours away from Montego Bay.