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12 Interesting Things to Do in Nice, France

Priya Johnson Jul 1, 2019
Nice is known for its vast coastline, pristine blue and pebbled beaches, art galleries, museums, religious architecture, winding cobbled lanes, and even its iconic cut-flower market.

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Oceanfront Walkway: Promenade des Anglais

A promenade is a paved path along the sea, built for walking, cycling, skating, etc. This iconic seafront walkway is loved for its stunning view of the sea. 

Promenade des Anglais, built in the early 1800s, is nearly a 7-km long stretch along the Mediterranean Sea shoreline.

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Hike to Castle Hill

Another prominent tourist attraction is Castle Hill (former citadel) standing 93 m above sea level. The castle lookout was destroyed in 1706, left behind by its ruins, however, it makes the perfect vantage point today.

The phenomenal panoramic view of the city from the top is worth the climb, hike, or elevator ride to the top.

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Artificial Waterfall: Colline du Chateau

On the way down from Castle Hill is a stunning artificial waterfall (Cascade Dijon). Enjoy the scenic view and beauty of the cascade. There are parks and restaurants as well to relax and spend the day.

Stroll around Old Town (Vieille Ville)

Old Town is a charming part of the city and the perfect place to soak in the authentic Mediterranean vibe. The lanes are lined with iconic cathedrals and monuments, eateries, and even an opera house.

Iconic Cours Saleya Market

In 1987, Nice was the first city in the world to open a wholesale cut flower market. For over 100 years, Nice exported cut flowers to different parts of Europe.

At the heart of Old Town, this open-air market houses stalls selling cut flowers, fresh fruits, and vegetables. However, the market is closed on Mondays.

Antiques Market

Every Monday, the Cours Saleya Market is converted into a flea market. Stalls selling all kinds of antiques and quirky items are set up. Perfect place to pick up affordable souvenirs from the city.

Socca: Local Chickpea Flatbread

This Nicois speciality is a crispy, pancake-like snack made from chickpea flour and baked in an oven. It’s a local delicacy available all across the city and a must-try when in Nice.

Central Square: Place Massena

Situated in the heart of Nice, this main square is the popular meeting place for the locals. It is easily distinguished by its checkerboard-patterned flooring and clay, red buildings surrounding it.

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St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral (1912)

Declared as a National Monument in France, this cathedral is the property of the Russian Federation and a display of Russian architecture at its best. It is also the largest Eastern Orthodox Cathedral in Western Europe.

Musical Instrument Museum: Palais Lascaris

This 17th-century museum in the heart of Old Town happens to have the second-most important collection of France, and also one of the most important collection in all of Europe. 

The museum is home to over 500 ancient musical instruments. Besides instruments, it also houses paintings, tapestries, sculptures, etc., from the 17th century.

Parc Phoenix

This 7-hectare park houses one of the largest greenhouses (Green Diamond) in Europe. It also houses a zoo, 20 themed gardens, a large lake, fountains, and a variety of exotic plants and birds.

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Dance at Promenade du Paillon Fontaine

Promenade du Paillon is an urban park known for its 100 fountains that shoot water jets high into the air. Jump, dance, and dodge the fountains.