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12 Interesting Things to Do in Taichung, Taiwan

Priya Johnson Dec 4, 2019
On most people’s Taiwan bucket list, this city is a popular tourist destination due to the number of Instagram worthy-spots around the city. Nicknamed the land of the Bubble tea, it’s a city known for its vibrant night market.

Click Unique Pictures at Rainbow Village

Popularly instagrammed spot in Taiwan, this village has earned global acclamation for its rainbow-colored paintings, which earned it its protected village status. A popular spot for photography enthusiasts.

Feng Chia or Fengjia Night Market

Taiwan’s largest and oldest night market is a must-visit. Lined with stalls selling delicious street food to affordable clothes and accessories, it's a place that's sure to charm you.

Boat Ride at Taichung Park

Centered around an artificial lake, this park is a city landmark. Photograph the picturesque pavillions overlooking the lake. Enjoy a boat ride on this calm and scenic lake.

National Museum of Natural Science

This science museum has enough to keep you occupied for an entire day. Popular highlights of this museum are the animatronic dinosaurs, humongous elephant skeleton, and even the tropical rainforest greenhouse.

Bubble Milk Tea Workshop

Bubble tea is a refreshing milk tea combined with tapioca pearls. Sign up for a workshop here and learn how to prepare this world-famous tea from the inventors themselves.

Local Obsession - Miyahara Dessert House

Unlike any other dessert house you’ve been to, this place serves the extravagant ice creams in the grandest settings.
Its interior bears semblance to Hogwarts library and is a popularly instagrammed spot. The queques here are unbelievably long.

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A Photographer’s Dream: Taroko Gorge National Park

Nicknamed as the ‘Grand Canyon of Taiwan’, this national park situated 4 hours away from Taichung is home to the Taroko Gorge - the world's deepest marble gorge.

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Photograph the popularly-Instagrammed ‘Eternal Shrine’ that sits nestled in the picture-perfect setting of the park.

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National Taichung Theater - Opera House

Nicknamed the ‘Sound Cave’ and a cultural landmark of the city, this opera house is an architectural marvel based on the sound wave concept.

Sun Moon Lake

A two-hour road journey away from the city, lies Taiwan’s largest lake. A popular tourist attraction, stand on the ropeway for a magnificent view of the lake or enjoy a boat ride amidst the picturesque setting.

Modernistic Luce Memorial Chapel

Admired for its quirky and modernistic exteriors, this chapel is unlike any church structure you’ve been to.

Balloon Modeling at Taiwan Balloon Museum

This quirky balloon museum not only educates visitors about the history of balloon-making but also offers DIY sessions on balloon-making.
The DIY Sea World balloon modeling involves making balloons in the shape of sea creatures. Engross yourself in a variety of fun balloon games conducted here.

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Gaomei Wetlands Sunset Tour

For a stunning sunset view, head to the Gaomei wetlands and photograph the windmills at sunset. The 1500-acre wetland area is home to a large number of migratory birds, crabs and mudskippers.