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12 Most Famous Caves in India

India is a treasure of most ancient archaeological caves. Let’s explore the most flawless caves in India...
Sameer Shinde Jul 22, 2019

Ajanta - Ellora Caves, Maharashtra

One of the very well known caves in India. Witness the architectural excellence through the paintings and sculptures of these caves.

Badami Caves, Karnataka

A spectacular Indian rock-cut architecture, consists of 4 caves, 2 are devoted to Lord Vishnu, 1 to Lord Shiva and 1 to Jainism. The caves are made of red sandstone at the precipice of a hill.

Bhimbetka Caves, Madhya Pradesh

Located at Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary, these sublime caves were shelter to Pandavas during their exile.

Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, Odisha

Beautiful wall paintings and scripts of Hinduism and Jainism, displayed on 33 rock-cut chambers, makes this structure is worth a visit!

Elephanta Caves, Maharashtra

Located near Mumbai, these caves are 7 rock-cut structure which are precisely carved by ancient artisans. Gaze at the beautiful statue of Lord Shiva named ‘Mahesh-murti’.

Borra Caves, Vishakhapatnam

A majestic wonder which contains naturally formed Shiva lingam. This sacred place is admired by the tribes around the area.

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Varaha Caves, Tamil Nadu

Dedicated to and named after incarnation of Lord Vishnu’s ‘Varaha’ avatar, the finely carved caves are famous for it’s magnificent architecture.

Mawsmai Caves, Meghalaya

These are natural limestone caves situated in Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya. Check the water level in the caves before entering, as you might need to crawl to get through the naturally formed chambers and passages.

Dungeshwari Cave, Bihar

Cave is artistically structured which includes the beautiful golden statue of Buddha and idol of Dungeshwari goddess.

Tabo Caves, Himachal Pradesh

With picturesque views of mountains, the caves are perfect for meditation amidst nature.

Pataleshwar Caves, Pune

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, these caves are carved out of one rock. These caves add to the glory of Pune culture.

Karla Caves, Lonavala

One of the ancient Buddhist temples in India. An Ashokan pillar at the front of the cave and arched entrances are the major attractions for cave lovers.