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12 Must See Sights in Gdansk, Poland

Prerana Jamdarkhana Jul 26, 2019
Gdansk takes pride in its historic monuments, cathedrals and exemplary architecture. It gives not one, but many reasons to visit and savour the experience of being a part of this great city.

Basilica of Saint Mary

The historic church dominating the Gdansk skyline is the third largest brick church in the world.

St. Mary's Street

The flamboyant street across the church to the Long Embankment, locally known as Mariacka, is the place of local cuisine cafes and shops.

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The Crane - Branch of the National Martime Museum

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A distinctive structure in Motlawa’s Long Embankment, highlights the old days of trade and magnificence of marine.

Long Market (Dlugi Targ)

Stretching along Long Gate to Green Gate, this road is the most important part of the city; lined with iconic buildings, monuments, Town Hall and Neptune's Fountain.

Neptune's Fountain

At the center of Long Market, Neptune fountain stands out at the entrance of Artus Court.

Town Hall

The architectural masterpiece purvey a splendid view from top and houses Gdansk History Museum.

European Solidarity Center

The center is a museum for the history of Solidarity, a trade union and civil resistance movement, and other movements of eastern Europe.

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Wisloujscie Fortress

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By Martwa Wisla river is this historic fortress whose strategic placement was vital during war to protect both; the land and harbor of Gdansk.

Golden Gate

Displaying spectacular architecture, the Golden Gate opens to the Royal Route in Gdansk.

Oliwa Cathedral

The defining building at the end of Oliwa park is known for the beautiful altars, chapels, paintings and chandeliers that host Organ Music Festival annually.

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Westerplatte signifies the first battle of Germany on Poland; hence embarking the start of World War II in Europe.

The Museum of Second World War

It is a state cultural institution that is devoted to the Second World War commenced at Gdansk, Poland.