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12 Outdoor Activities in Kitzbuhel, Austria

Ishwari Pamu Nov 29, 2019
A winter wonderland and the promised land for skiers in winter and a hiker’s paradise by summer, Kitzbuhel ought to be on every adventure seeker’s bucket list. Just when you think you’ve seen and done everything there is to see and do in the city, it pulls out a whole new list for you.

The Hahnenkamm

See if you can conquer this 1,712 tall peak. In summers, it’s popular spot among hikers and offers excellent prospects for mountain bikers.

Lake Schwarzsee

For a change of pace after all the hiking, this lake is the perfect spot to relax, either it’s swimming or bathing in the sun with a book. If your idea of vacation involves fishing, see if you can reel in a few big ones.

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Wildpark Aurach

Situated amidst the Kitzbuhel Alps, it’s a place to be feel one with nature and interact with animals. Housing over 200 different species of animals, they have a animal-themed park with rabbits, goats, llamas, sheep kangaroos just waiting to be pet.

Kitzbuheler Horn

If the Hahnenkamm was easy for you, do you have what it takes to summit this one? At 1,998 meters tall, this is one of the most spectacular mountains in Austria. If hiking is not your cup of tea, take the cable car to the top and enjoy a hearty breakfast overlooking the city.

Alpine Flower Garden

It’s situated on the Kitzbühel Horn at an elevation of 1,880 meters and spans over 20,000 sq. meters. Oh what a view it must be! With over 300 species of plants, this mountain garden is home to rare species found in the Caucasus, the Himalayas and the Pyrenees as well.


Skiing not just an activity for the people of Kitzbuhel but a way of life. And it gets pretty intense! The Hahnenkamm Ski Run is highly popular among the locals. And for the ones with the nerves of steel, Streif, one of the most challenging downhill slopes in the world awaits you.
Even of you don’t ski, I’d recommend you drop by one of the resorts to just admire the spectacle on the slopes.

Cable Car Ride

Want to enjoy the views but don’t want to hike all the way to the top of the mountain? With several cable car rides available at the Hahnenkamm as well as Kitzbühel Horn, hop into one that’ll take you to the top.

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There are numerous hiking and biking trails between the Hahnenkamm and Kitzbuheler Horn with varying levels of difficulty.
With over 1,000 km of hiking trails, see which one is challenging enough for. Irrespective of which trail you pick, unbeatable views of the scenery and good times are guaranteed.

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Ride A Snowcat

Ever looked at a snowcat preparing the snow and wondered how it would feel to ride in one? Well, you can, in the BichlAlm area! Take a chairlift to the top and take in the spectacular views while you ride in a snowcat.

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Unleash the adventurous streak in you and head to Gaisberg in Kirchberg for the next most thrilling activity in Kitzbuhel after skiing, sledding! Visitors arrive in droves to sled on the toboggan track which is open all day all night.

Walk Around in the City

Back to the city, give the adrenaline junkie in you a little break. Take to the streets of the city to explore different neighborhoods, learn about the lifestyle and the culture of the city. Indulge yourself in food. Swing by Bergsinn for the finest of Austrian cuisine in the city.

Church of Our Lady

When you’re not in the mountains hiking, skiing, mountain biking or sledding and you want quiet time, head to the church. Built in the 14th century, it houses a fine pipe organ and the paintings on the ceiling are impressive.