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12 Tourist Attractions in El Salvador You Need to Visit

Gaurav Kadam Jul 6, 2019
The smallest country in Central America, El Salvador is said to be its best kept secret. Connect with Mother Earth and also visit the multifarious attractions that the country has to offer.

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Explore the Mayan ruins, excavated and restored in the 1940s and 1950s by Stanley Boggs which dates back to a period of over thousand years.

Santa Ana Volcano

Make sure you click and post a picture of the divine sulfurous lake located in Santa Ana’s crater.

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Los Chorros de la Calera

Hidden just outside the quaint town of Juayua, hike up to the pristine cascading fresh waterfalls.

Izalco Volcano

Also known as the Lighthouse of the Pacific, it offers a great hiking trail for the tourists.


Stroll through the cobblestone streets of this bustling city that has retained its colonial Spanish architecture.

Ruta de Las Flores (The Flowers Route)

Meander through the 20-mile mountainous route of flowers which passes through six towns. Find vibrant murals, coffee plantations, churches and waterfalls along the way.


Get blessed at the White Church located in the center of Apaneca and you ought to visit the Labyrinth of Albania.

San Salvador

The capital city is languid in its pace and drop dead gorgeous.

San Salvador Cathedral

Witness the architecture of this 1777 sculpted cathedral. It houses an image of Jesus which was donated by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V in 1546.

National Palace

The intricate tilework, ceiling pattern and magnificent interior makes it a landmark in design.

Catedral de Santa Ana

The neo-Gothic Cathedral of Santa Ana built in 1575-1576 is a reminder of the Salvadoran traditions and cultures.

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Playa El Tunco

It is paradise for surfers and the ones that enjoy partying at night. Do visit the astonishing beach caves.