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5 Amazing Places to Visit in South of France

Deepa Kartha Jun 1, 2019
Glamorous, stylish, sophisticated, laid-back, idyllic and gorgeous are few adjectives that define South of France. This part of France is home to picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, medieval fortresses, quaint towns, and delicious food. If you are ready to look beyond Paris, the South of France offers the most amazing places and experiences.


As Avignon was the center of the Catholic Church during the 14th century, the city is full of Gothic and Renaissance buildings. Get ready to see some mind blowing churches, most of which have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The most spectacular one is surely the Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes), which contained six papal conclaves. Apart from this, Pont Saint-Benezet, Place du Palais, Collection Lambert (art museum), Basilique Saint-Pierre d'Avignon and Ile de la Barthelasse are some of the interesting places that you would see in Avignon.

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Anyone who has even a little bit of interest in the world of movies would know about Cannes. Although seeing your favorite stars is surely a great reason to visit the city, Cannes is lot more than the film festival.

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The long sandy beaches, the sunny weather, the food scene and the number of bars and restaurants are good enough reasons to visit this place. Head to Le Suquet, the Old Town, which was essentially a fishing village, where the city of Cannes originated.
Check out the unique architecture of the historical buildings, the narrow staircases and alleyways, the courtyards, the ancient walls and the picturesque sight.

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If fortress and castles are your thing, you would surely fall in love with Carcassonne. The most popular place to visit here is Cite de Carcassonne, a fortress with magnificent towers, old stone buildings, winding alleys and fantastic passageways. It looks straight out of a fairy tale and is extremely well preserved.

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Apart from the fortress, Carcassonne is known for its interesting history and legends, amazing museums and delicious food. Also, rent a boat and sail on the Canal du Midi to not only enjoy the beautiful canal but also its bridges, locks and aqueducts. The best way to explore Carcassonne is by foot if you want to take in the true beauty of the city.


For many, Nice represents South of France and hence a place that you must visit in this part of the country. Nice is the most popular for its gorgeous beaches. Be it public or private, the beaches would give you the chance to relax and enjoy the blue waters. You would also get to explore water promenades, open markets and grand plazas here.
Another important place you need to visit here is Vieux Nice, the old neighborhood where you can get to know about the history of the city. This part of the city also gives you an amazing culinary experience. Do not forget to try their pastries, pizzas and other delicacies that would want you to return to Nice every holiday.

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Although beautiful, Marseille is nothing like the other cities in the South of France.

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However, if you love the vibe of a chaotic city life, Marseille should be on your itinerary. Endowed with elegant Mediterranean beaches, interesting historical buildings and monuments, and amazing new museums, Marseille has a lot to offer.
The city is a melting pot of cultures and is cosmopolitan as well, which is a surprise when it comes to other French cities. While there are a lot of things to see in Marseille, do visit one of the restaurants to try the bouillabaisse, a local specialty made by combining different fishes, rouille sauce, aioli sauce and croutons.