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5 Beautiful Curacao Beaches to Make the Most of Your Caribbean Trip

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Oct 1, 2019
Curacao is a part of the Dutch Caribbean Islands, the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao). It is famous for the beautiful beaches with coral reefs, and rich marine life. Enjoy the true electric blue waters at these beautiful Curacao beaches, each having its own unique charm.

* Travel Tip:

Most of the beaches at Curacao are privately owned. Thus, you may need to pay entrance fees to visit such beaches.

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1. Daaibooi Bay

Nestled between rocky cliffs, Daaibooi beach has sparkling clear waters. Plenty of palm trees and shacks on the beach provide you with shade on a sunny day. This pristine beach is more than just swimming. You can visit this beach for free.

Things to Do at Daaibooi

You could try scuba diving, hiking, visiting areas flocked by the flamingoes, or even find Loggerhead Turtles during nesting season, and relish barbeque at designated areas.

2. Blue Bay Beach

This is one of the best Curacao beaches with white sand and contrasting Caribbean blue water.

You need to pay an entrance fee to visit this Caribbean paradise. Entry is free for resort guests.

Things to Do at Blue Bay Beach

At 'Kids' Club' at the beach, you can keep your kids busy with activities under the watchful eyes of experts. While the kids are busy, you could try scuba diving, catamaran sailing, kayaking, or go on fishing trips.

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3. Grote Knip

This is one of the most breathtaking Curacao beaches. It is surrounded by semi-high cliffs and one can enjoy swimming in the dazzling hues of turquoise and blue water. This beach is freely accessible to tourists.

Things to Do at Grote Knip

Jump down into the turquoise waters from the semi-high cliffs. You can try snorkeling, and even rent an umbrella to spend some lazy time under the sun.

Relish delicious food at restaurants and bars near Grote Knip Kenepa Grandi.

4. Seaquarium Beach

Also called as the Sea Aquarium Beach, it is one of the closest beaches to Curacao’s capital, Willemstad. It is located next to the Seaquarium, hence the name.

You will need to pay an access fee to visit the beach. This beach is located in the commercial area and thus, you may need to pay for certain activities here.

Things to Do at Seaquarium Beach

Try the Friday Tugboat Snorkeling, West Coast Snorkeling tour, etc. at Mood Beach. You can visit the Curacao Sea Aquarium to look at Dolphins, Sea Lions, Nurse Sharks, Turtles, Flamingoes, etc. You could also go shopping, dining, and more at Mambo Beach Boulevard (BLVD).

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This beautiful cove is located on the western side of Curacao. It is surrounded by trees and limestone cliffs. There are steps that lead down to the stunning white beach. You could sunbathe or jump into the water for a swim from a floating platform. This beach is free to access.

5. Playa Kalki

Things to Do at Playa Kalki

Visit the beach bars run by the locals to sip on some special, interesting, cool drinks. 

Go snorkeling in the calm waters of Kalki. It is nicknamed as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ due to its beautiful underwater life.

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Curacao beaches are certainly the best beaches to realize all your ‘beach-dreams’. It is definitely the ideal location for honeymooners, as a destination wedding, or for those looking forward to realize their dream vacation.