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5 Jump-Start Fitness Vacations

Looking for an exciting and active vacation? Check out these five incredible options.
Modern Times May 2, 2019
Going on vacation should be fun and exciting. Taking a fitness vacation is the perfect way to have a blast while also staying active.

Here are five unforgettable fitness vacations you need to take.

Boat Tour

Jupiter boat tours are perfect for the whole family. A boat tour is the best way to cruise the beautiful waters of Jupiter, Florida and take in the sights.

You could go for a sightseeing cruise, or take a snorkel trip and spend some time off of the boat. If you love water, this tour is for you.

Bike Tour

Taking a family bike ride while on vacation is a great way to explore the area while staying active. Check out the bike rental in Weehawken, NJ.

Your family can explore the Hamilton Memorial and the shops on Park Avenue. Why walk when you can ride?

Safari Adventure

Take a trip to the safari this year. Hike and bike through a local national park and check out the best safari drives around.

A safari is a great way to see animals you’ve never seen before while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Camping Trip

Grab your friends, your tents, and your bug spray. A camping trip is perfect for groups who love the outdoors and being in nature.

You can head to a national park or local campground, spend your days hiking and canoeing, and enjoy nights around the campfire.

Heli-Skiing Trip

If you love skiing and helicopter rides, take the chance to try out heli-skiing in Alaska. Helicopters will take you to the Chugach Mountains where you’ll start your descent.

While you’re there, enjoy seeing the beautiful sights of Alaska. This is the right trip for those who love winter fun.
Whether you’re a fan of the safari or the Alaskan slopes, there is the perfect fitness vacation out there for you.

There’s nothing more satisfying than spending the day exploring and the night relaxing. Grab your friends and family and choose your next fitness vacation.