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5 Things to do in the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Deepa Kartha Sep 26, 2019
Spread along a 50 km stretch, Italy's Amalfi Coast is an epitome of beauty and gorgeousness. Endowed with colorful towns, pristine beaches, lemon groves, terraced vineyards and the steep cliffs that drop down towards the sea, it embodies perfection. The place exudes luxury with the presence of majestic villas, luxurious hotels and excellent restaurants.

Relax at the Beaches

Beach lovers can rejoice as the Amalfi Coast has 100 beautiful beaches and finding a beach that you love would not be difficult here. Head to the Marina Grande Beach in Positano to check out the largest beach on the coast.
Still, if you want to stay away from the crowd, Arienzo Beach would be more perfect for you. Apart from being secluded, Arienzo Beach has an adventure element to it. You have to descend a 300-step stairwell to reach the beach, which is located right between two cliffs.
Fornilla Beach, Maiori Beach, Minori Beach, etc. are some other popular beaches that you can visit on the Amalfi Coast.

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Visit the Towns

The Amalfi Coast is home to some of the most attractive towns you would have ever seen. Dotted with pastel colored houses perched on the cliffs and mountains, the towns have a lure of their own.

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Apart from the amazing view of the sea and beyond, each of the towns offers myriad of churches, museums, parks, beaches and restaurants that serve delicious food.
Some of the must visit towns on the Amalfi Coast are Sorrento (museums, art and architecture), Cetara (art and history monuments), Amalfi (a UNESCO World Heritage Site and notable churches), Praiano (Africana Club - famous nightclub), Positano (hand-made sandals, staircases and white houses), and Atrani (medieval architecture).

Hike along the Amalfi Coast

While the Amalfi Coast has the vibe of a relaxed and laidback destination, it has something for adventure lovers too. Take the opportunity to hike on some of the thrilling trails that run along the coast. Guided hiking tours are also available.
One of the most popular hiking trails is Valle delle Ferriere. Right from the lush green forests to the fragrant lemon groves and the beautiful landscapes, everything here is worth taking a picture. The best thing about the place is its dazzling waterfalls.
The most famous hiking trail on Amalfi Coast is the Path of the Gods. Stretching around 4 miles, this trail is of moderate difficulty and rewards you with extraordinary views of the vast coastline.

Do a Boat Tour

While the entire coast gives you panoramic views of the sea, do not miss the chance to see the Amalfi Coast from a different perspective with a boat tour.

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A boat tour would give you sweeping views of the Amalfi coast with its towns, cliffs and forests.

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The cheapest and the easiest boat tour would be to take a ferry that runs between towns. Other than this, there are several short cruises, group tours and private boat tours for you to choose from.
Some special boat tours on the Amalfi Coast would take you to popular spots like the waterfalls of Marmorata (world's tallest man-made waterfall), Fiordo di Furore and Emerald Grotto.

Enjoy the Cuisine

Apart from the Italian fanfare of pizza, pasta and cappuccinos, the Amalfi Coast is most famous for its seafood, which is available abundantly. If there is one dish that you should try here, it would be the scialatielli ai frutti di mare, a pasta dish that contains variety of fish including octopus, shrimp, blue fish and even sea urchins.
As lemon groves are available abundantly on the Amalfi Coast, you would find plenty of lemon dishes here, right from cakes to cookies. Moreover, if there is something you must not miss when on the Amalfi Coast, it would be limoncello or limoncino, which is a lemon-flavored liqueur.