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6 Best Things to Do in Le Havre, France

Visit the scenic port town located on the banks of River Seine in northern France - Le Havre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Maya Pillai Sep 11, 2019
Le Havre was destroyed in World War II. After the war, Auguste Perret, a French architect rebuilt the town with a modern touch. Today, it is known as one of the most incredible urban designs of France.

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This port town has plenty of seaside adventures, thriving culture, hilltop gardens and beautiful architecture to offer its tourists.

Le Havre Port

Le Havre port is one of the cruise destinations in Northern Europe. You can gaze at the giant cruise liners all day long here.
Le Havre port is one of the largest ports in Europe. It is located at the west entrance of the English Channel on the Seine river estuary.

St. Joseph's Church

A master piece of Auguste Perret's architecture that is visible from any part of the town, is 107-meter tall.
The church is made of bare concrete, 13,000 panels of thoughtfully conceived stained glass and sombre interior.

Museum of Modern Art André Malraux - MuMa

It is a luminous and tranquil museum, that has the finest collection of works by impressionist artists such as Claude Monet, Eugène Boudin, Alfred Sisley and many other.
Claude Monet, the renowned artist was a native of Le Havre.

Le Havre Beach

A 2,500-yard-long clean pebble beach with a beautiful promenade lined with eateries and shops.

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Le Havre Beach has an open-air skate park, volleyball courts, boules fields and playground. Sailing, kiteboarding and windsurfing are some of the activities that adventurers can indulge in.

Les Jardins Suspendus - The Hanging Gardens

An old hilltop fortress has been converted into the hanging gardens.

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There are greenhouses as well as outdoor areas that grow exotic flowering plants, trees and grasses from across the world.

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A Stroll in Parc de Rouelles

The park is set within 160 hectares of land. This park has woodlands, ponds and open fields that resemble to a countryside. Also, don't miss out on the hiking trails here.
The park has retained the dove tower and a manor which were installed in 1631. There are 256 varieties of trees from 36 different families.