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6 Must-Have Apps for a Trip to Africa

Julia Beyers Jun 25, 2019
Africa is a continent rich in natural resources and people so charming and welcoming. With diverse, undiluted cultures spread across 54 countries, there is a lot to admire about this vast continent; no wonder more than 60 million tourists choose Africa as their preferred destination.
Africa is home to some of the best tourist attraction sites in the world. From striking landscapes, wildlife in their natural habitats, sandy beaches to the culture of the locals, the experience of touring Africa is second to none.
Africa is not all about ecological gems. Africa is very well-developed with thriving infrastructure which boosts the tourism industry. 5-star hotels, well-paved roads leading to the attraction sites and technological advancements are taking the tourism industry to the next level by enhancing the experience of those who tour this magnificent continent.

Technology Makes Travelling Easier

Touring Africa is exciting, but it comes with its fair share of challenges - language barriers, lack of common currency, accommodation, and security issues in some areas.
To curb some of these problems, developers, both African and non-African, have come up with ingenious technological solutions for travellers. These solutions in the form of mobile and web applications will help you get the most out of your trip and enjoy the journey even more.
There are many travel apps out there, but very few are tailor-made or suit a long trip to Africa. To help you get a wholesome experience, we have listed six must-have apps for a holiday in Africa.


Skyscanner is a free universal app available for both iOS and Android, and designed to help travellers get their best flight, hotel and car hire deals across the world. Skyscanner is particularly beneficial when it comes to booking flights in and out of African countries.
With a beautiful, simple interface, Skyscanner gives users a chance to compare a wide variety of cheap flights online by typing their destination and country of origin. The app will even list the price of the flights available and the departure times.
Skyscanner can be a lifesaver if you are travelling on a tight budget. The app will suggest the cheapest times to travel, and using the inbuilt calendar, you can plan your trip accordingly and take advantage of any flight deals on offer.
Although the app was initially built to help people find cheap flights, it has complementary hotel and taxi services to help you get the best deals around your destination. These two services are not at their optimum yet, but you can still use them if you have no alternative.
If you intend to make a trip to Africa, this is the first app you should download. It will be of service to you even before you leave your home country.

Google Translate

English, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic and tens of local dialects are some of the languages you should expect to encounter when you make the trip down to Africa. Unless you are a linguist who can speak all these languages, you will need to hire a local interpreter or get this excellent app.
It is also available for free for iOS and Android. Even premium translation apps cannot match up to this app’s translating prowess. This app will come in handy during your holiday in Africa as it has a total of 13 African languages which most apps don’t support.
The translation is accurate as Google created the app with the assistance of the locals who understand the languages to the core.

Get the Google Translate app, and your communication with the locals will be much easier.
The app will also help you save on funds as you won’t have to hire an interpreter to translate every bit for you. Ordering food around, buying souvenirs, asking for directions, and generally interacting with the locals might be a much better experience with the translation app.
Above all, this app is straightforward to use. You only need to type, take a photo, draw characters or speak, and the app will translate everything for you.

The app can also be used offline. You can venture into remote outback regions without worrying about communicating with whoever you meet.


Yes, don’t miss the Uber app before you board the plane to Africa for a holiday. You will need it more than you think. Since Uber made its debut in the African market five years ago, it has successfully managed to disrupt the somewhat fragmented cab-hailing service in Africa.
Operating in more than 20 African cities across ten countries, Uber is a must-have app for any tourist visiting the major tourist destinations in Africa. The transport system in most African cities is unregulated which makes it very hard for tourists who are not used to the hustle and bustle to move around.
The local taxis in most cities are either too expensive, and driven by drivers who don’t understand most international languages, or are just not safe enough for tourists at times.
With Uber though, you are assured of standard rates and safety. The language barrier is not much of a problem as you don’t need to communicate with the driver. All you need to do is key in your destination, and the driver will get you there. Uber is free for both iOS and Android devices.

Jumia Travel

Want the best accommodation across Africa? Well, down the Jumia app on iOS or Android and get access to tens of thousands of hotels and other accommodation options in Africa at the palm of your hand.
Previously called Jovago, Jumia Travel is tailor-made for the African market even though it offers accommodation services in countries outside Africa. Before expanding its coverage, Jumia Travel scoured the continent and included almost every hotel across all the towns in African countries.
Irrespective of how remote that town is, Jumia Travel will have a suggestion of the best hotel for you in the area. The app is straightforward to use, offers six languages (4 of which are African languages) and is very useful.

You can quickly book your accommodation as early as six months in advance and only pay upon arrival at the hotel.

Africa: Live

The Africa: Live app is designed to help tourists enjoy wildlife in their natural habitat. Africa hosts some of the best wildlife parks in the world, and these attract millions of tourists from across the globe.

Developers created this app for those tourists who want to see animals in their natural habitat without struggling too much.
The Africa: Live app allows users to easily find wild animal sightings in the parks across the continent. The app has an extensive network of maps of the major wildlife parks. It allows users to share their wildlife sightings to enable others to see them and find the location of the birds and animals with ease.
Users can search for specific species or search by location to see the most recent sightings in the area or the last position of the species they intend to see. What’s more, this app works offline, and is free for both Android and iOS.
The app plays a crucial role in wildlife conservation as well. The more information you share about the sightings, the better it is for our beautiful planet as the researchers need that data for further analysis.

Live Trekker

This app is designed to help tourists plot their journeys on maps which record your movement. Through videos, photos and brief comments, you can document every step of your trip.

This app is a must-have if you are planning to travel to Africa as it will help you store precious memories for future references.
The app has a ‘share feature’, which lets you share your journey with your loved ones via email or social media, and make them see your expedition map. The app also has a ‘discover feature’ which enables you to view other trips recorded by Live Trekker users.
This is an excellent way to explore some of the best activities to perform in various cities and locations across the world.
The app stores everything in the cloud, which means videos, photos and any other information are accessible at any time from any device. To use this free app, you need to create an account, and you will be ready to start tracking your journey.

Summing Up

Using the apps, you can get the best flight deals, book affordable accommodation, discover some of the most exciting destinations and document your safari to Africa with ease. These apps help you gain a wholesome travel experience and get full value for your money spent on the trip to Africa.