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6 Reasons to Visit Arica, Chile

Deepa Kartha Aug 16, 2019
Sitting on the northernmost tip of Chile, Arica is known as the City of Eternal Spring. The quaint town of Arica is a place where it never rains, making it an ideal destination for holidaying and sightseeing.

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Unique Landscapes

Arica is known for its exceptional beauty. Although you cannot see lush green surroundings, the barren desert land here is no less mesmerizing.

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The enormous Atacama Desert is located close to Arica and extends into the neighboring country of Peru. There is no life in several parts of this fascinating desert, mainly due to lack of rains.
The Lauca National Park, offers a gorgeous backdrop complete with volcanoes, rugged terrain, rocky land and beautiful lakes. You can also catch sight of the desert inhabitants comprising alpacas, flamingos, llamas and rheas.

Beautiful Beaches

With no rains ever, Arica offers the perfect climate for a beach holiday, and the city has some great beaches flanked by the Pacific Ocean. From tourist-friendly beaches to secluded ones, there is no dearth of stunning beaches in Arica.

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If you want to have fun enjoying the typical beach activities, La Lisera, El Laucho, and Chinchorro are the most popular ones. These beaches are also great places for surfing, for both beginners and professionals.
If solitude and privacy are what you are seeking, beaches like Playa Arenillas Negras, Playa Corazones and Playa Las Machas at Arica would be ideal for you.

Caves of Anzota and Playa La Liserilla

Another secluded beach that needs special mention is Playa La Liserilla. A secluded cove, this beach is located at the end of Caves of Anzota, a beautiful natural cave system that was formed by erosion of the mountains on the coast.
While the caves are a natural wonder that you should see, hiking down to the cave is time consuming and a bit risky too. However, if you consider the beauty and peace that await you at Playa La Liserilla, it is definitely worth all the effort.

El Morro

A compressed sand cliff, El Morro is located on the southern border of the city and gives a panoramic view of the city. Check out the view of the city and enjoy the breeze from the ocean.

Interesting Museums

Arica is also home to some interesting museums. Located in El Morro is the Weapons Museum, a place that houses the weapons and gear used during the War of the Pacific held during the 19th century, between Peru and Chile.
Another one-of-a-kind museum is the Mummy Museum in Azapa, where you would find the mummified remains of humans that are more than 2000 years old. Although the museum is small, the exhibits do create an eerie effect.

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Lovers of the sea and marine life would love visiting the Museum of the Sea, a little museum that gives you all the information about sea creatures, shells, and other marine life found under the Pacific Ocean.

Laid-back and Inexpensive

Arica is one of the most laid-back cities in Chile. Nobody is in a rush and be it checking out one of the museums or relaxing at a beach, you can explore the city in your own sweet time. Likewise, Arica is also the most inexpensive places in Chile, making it a perfect location for a holiday.