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7 Fun Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Maya Pillai Jul 31, 2019
Cabo San Lucas is a Mexican city famous for its beaches, nightlife and water games. It is located on the southern tip of Mexico. May to June is the best period to visit this beach city. October and November are also pleasant time for a vacation, but boarding and lodging can get expensive. For whale watching, mid-December to mid-April is the best time.

Hiking in Mount Solmar

If you like hiking then Mount Solmar is the perfect place to go. From top of the mountain, you get to see an all round view of the Pacific ocean and desert. Its stunning. Here the trails are very steep. Ensure that you haveĀ  superior quality hiking gear.
In summers, the humidity is high. Appropriate clothes along with a superior quality hiking boots makes the climb sightly easier in the rocky areas. Take along plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Last but not the least, ensure that you are in great health.

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Snorkel in Cabo San Lucas Bay

You can snorkel either in El Arco, Lover's Beach or Land's End. The rock formation here is beautiful and if you are lucky, you may spot sea lions sunbathing here. Snorkeling here is thrilling as you would be swimming along with the tropical fish and other marine life. When you book for a snorkeling adventure, you shall be provided with the snorkeling gear.
After the swim you can enjoy a spread of delicious Mexican lunch in the yacht. The ethereal beauty of Baja's Southern tip and Lover's Beach can be admired from the yacht. On the way back, you get to hear the history of Caba Lucas from the crew members.

A Sail in Glass-bottom Boat and Guided tour

You can signup for a six-hour guided tour that starts with a sail in a glass-bottom boat in Los Cabos. You get to see the marine wildlife and the jagged peaks of El Arco.
Sea lions sunning on the rocks is a scene that you should not miss out. The pristine shorelines of Lover's and Divorce beaches isĀ  also an amazing sight.
The drive along a 20 mile Tourist Corridor that stretches from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabois is very scenic. It is lined with golf courses, ocean views and resorts. The tour will stop at all the view points. You can shop for Mexican souvenirs, taste tequila and visit the former mission church here at one of the quaint Mexican towns.

Take a Walking Food Tour

Dab ample amount of sunscreen, put on your sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat and comfortable walking shoes to experience the local cuisine and culture in downtown Cabo San Lucas. Its a great and unique excursion for the foodies.

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Surfing at Baja

Baja and Zippers are best spots for surfing.
These spots at Mile 17 on the Cabo Corridor are a delight for those who love to glide on the waves. If you don't surf, be a spectator. Its fun to watch people riding the waves.

A Visit to a Mexican National Marine Park, Cabo Pulmo

The park is situated 60 miles north of Los Cabos. Located here is the one of the living coral reefs in North America.

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It is surrounded by mountain ranges, desert and pristine beaches. You can enjoy scuba diving here.

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Whale Watching

Whale watching is popular activity in Cabo. Signup for Whale Watching tour to glimpse several species of whales and their little ones. The best time to spot the whales is in the late afternoon. Book for a late noon tour.