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7 Fun Things to Do in Florence, Italy

Priya Johnson Nov 19, 2019
Florence is touted to be one of the most visited cities in Italy. It's a city full of phenomenal churches, art galleries, museums, and architectural marvels. No matter how many times you visit this stunning city, there’s still so much more to do.

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Ponte Vecchio or Old Bridge

Amongst the most famous bridges in the world, this iconic bridge is unique because of the little shops built along it. A great place to view the sunset and also to pick up souvenirs, jewelry, and pieces of art.

Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens

This Renaissance period palace is the largest museum complex in Florence and is home to eight iconic museums. The simple exterior is opposed by a rather opulent interior.
Just behind this palace is the world-famous Boboli Gardens, which give you a phenomenal view of the city.

This garden is popularly loved for its 16th to 18th-century exquisite sculptures.

Taste a Lampredotto Sandwich

This traditional Florentine street food dish is a must-have when in Florence. It’s a type of sandwich filled with cooked tender slices of tripe (cow’s fourth stomach) and dressed with a broth and spicy sauce.

Set aside all the pizzas and pasta and head over to the kiosks across the city and taste a lampredotto for yourself.

Stibbert Museum

This unusual museum showcases over 36,000 artifacts that belong to the genre of armors. From life-size mounted knights to walls decorated with all kinds of weapons (mainly Japanese and Islamic weapons), this 57 room museum is extremely fascinating.

Besides armory, this museum also houses vast collections of paintings, antique furniture, costumes, etc.

Gourmet Food Tour

Unlike the usual generic food tours, these exclusive gourmet tours impart a unique Italian dining experience.

On these private tours, you can taste the finest of Italy’s vintage prosecco, gelato, cured meats and cheeses, balsamic vinegar, etc., all the while interacting with Italian culinary artisans.

Sign Up for a Cooking Lesson

What better way to learn how to make authentic Italian pasta, pizza, and gelato than from the locals themselves.

A variety of hands-on cooking classes are conducted across the city. Sign up for one that suits your liking.

Gucci Museum

This recent fashion museum (2011) is the perfect place for fashion aficionados to come and soak in the history of this biggest-selling Italian brand.

This three-floor museum showcases famous pieces of the Gucci brand in a thematic manner. Separate exhibits are dedicated to handbags, travel luggage, gowns worn by famous actresses, etc.