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7 Interesting Things to Do in Cordoba, Argentina

Priya Johnson Jun 20, 2019
Cordoba, the second most populous city of Argentina, is situated in the geographical center of the country. This historic city is known for its stunning churches, religious art, museums, Jesuit architecture, and a large number of universities.

Central Square : Plaza San Martin

This beautiful square happens to be the center of Cordoba city and houses several iconic buildings in close proximity.
A sculpture of General San Martin, a national hero, on a horse graces the center of the square.

At dusk, the whole square seems to glow in the radiance of the setting Sun.

Cathedral of Cordoba

Situated in the Plaza San Martin, this iconic church happens to be the oldest church in continuous service in Argentina.

Antique Eiffel Ferris Wheel

This late 19th century, antique, wrought-iron Ferris wheel does not spin or carry passengers. Nevertheless, it’s an iconic landmark cherished by the country, so make sure you photograph this piece of ancient history.

Stay Over at an Estancia

An estancia or horse ranch is a family-owned farm that enables you to closely experience local Argentinean life, eat local food, and enjoy farm life. 

Learn how to ride a horse ‘gaucho style’ from the local gauchos (skilled horsemen) themselves.

Paragliding at La Cumbre

On the outskirts of Cordoba is a town called La Cumbre, which offers paragliding activities. Fly like a bird and float through the skies with the help of the thermal winds.

Unlike skydiving, you are gradually brought back to land, without the freefalling effect.

Walking Tour : Jesuit Block

Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Jesuit block is a phenomenal reminder of the Jesuit era and all that the Jesuits contributed to the country. Guided tours are also available.

Sarmiento Park

Cordoba’s largest public park houses several museums, exhibitions, water fountains, an artificial lake with a beautiful bridge, and even a zoo.
It’s definitely a place you can spend an entire day. It's also a good place to enjoy the beauty of the setting Sun.

A lot of restaurants are present in the park, offering lovely dinners amidst the beautiful park setting.