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7 Things to Do in Vladivostok, Russia

Ishwari Pamu Jun 18, 2019
What was born a fortress is now a beautiful metropolitan city, Vladivostok is about 9,000 km from Moscow and is truly a hidden gem of Pacific Russia. Here are 7 things to do in Vladivostok, Russia.

The Primorsky Stage of Mariinsky Theatre

Visit this most modernistic opera house known for its unparalleled acoustics, in the Far East. Built in 2012, it looks like a cube in a cube with glass walls and is an unusual building when it comes to opera houses. This glass-and-metal structure has three stages – The Great Hall which is horseshoe shaped, The Chamber Hall (305 seats) and The Summer Terrace.

Automotive Antiques Museums

If you are a car nerd, the two Automotive Antiques Museums in Vladivostok are the place for you. The first one, opened in 2002, has exhibits which display Sovietmobiles (cars and trucks) from the 1930s to 1970s, a room full of vehicles used in the motorcycles and motocross competition.
The second one, opened in 2014, displays a range of “ZAZ Zaporozhets” cars (Soviet era rear-wheel-drive superminis), Armored Personnel Carriers, "ZAZ Tavria” cars (front-wheel-drive subcompact cars) and many more. It also houses a rare M&M green GAZ-20 “Pobeda” which was produced in the Soviet Union from 1946-1958.

S-56 Submarine Museum

This 80-year old beauty is probably the most interesting monument in all of Vladivostok. It is a diesel-electric S-class Soviet submarine S-56 which was functional until 1975.
She was launched in October of 1941 and was declared dead 19 times in the course of her duty and yet, somehow, she always came back. Currently, a small section is converted into a museum which you can visit for a small fee.

Eagle’s Nest Hill

Geographically, it is situated at the center of the downtown Vladivostok and offers truly breathtaking panoramic views of the city.
You can hike up the hill if you may be so inclined or take the Funicular (electric train which is more than 50 years old) to the highest point in Vladivostok. Don’t forget your camera!

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Russky Island Bridge

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Constructed in the anticipation of 2012 APEC summit, the Russky Island Bridge runs 3,100 meters in length and connects Vladivostok to the Russky Island. Currently, this remarkably designed bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world.

Art-Object Bookshelf

While wandering the Sukhanov Park, you might come across a public bookcase, an Art-Object bookshelf which encourages people to read. You can pick a book and read on the park benches while enjoying the serene atmosphere. You can also share your books, if you wish to, be it any genre.

An Organ Concert

The only pipe organ in all of the Russian Far East, it sits in the Most Holy Mother of God Catholic Church in Vladivostok.
An idea originated in Austria, designed and built in Philippines and brought to Russia, you can catch this behemoth in action at the church. It sounds like the music is flowing from the heavens.

The Triumphal Gates of Nikolai

Visit the stone triumphal gates. "The Arch of the Crown Prince" as the natives call it, is located in the center of the city.
It was built in 1891, in the honor of Crown Prince Nikolas Aleksandrovich Romanov when he visited the city that year.