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7 Wonderful Things to Do in Bacharach, Germany

Sonali Pimpale Jul 15, 2019
Situated on the banks of the majestic river Rhine, the small medieval town weaves a magic spell with its half-timbered homes, ancient ruins, and imposing castles.

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Cruise along the Rhine River to enjoy breathtaking views of Bacharach and the Rhine valley.
Take up lodging at Burg Stahleck, a heavily fortified, 12th-century castle nestled among scenic vineyards.
After suffering massive damage in the 17th century, the fortress has been restored as a Jugendherberge (youth hostel).
Marvel at the striking frescoes and eccentric statues at the St. Peter’s Church. The 13th-century church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, towers above the rest of the town.
Savor a sumptuous repast at Altes Haus, the oldest building in Bacharach. Now a restaurant, the beautiful half-timbered house, built in 1368, will take you back to medieval times.
Wander through the streets of the town to admire the charming neighborhoods, peppered with old-timey architectures.
Sample tasteful wines at the gorgeous vineyards of Bacharach. While the rest of Germany cheers for beer, wine production has paramount importance in this town.
Did you know?
The name of this town is derived from Bacchus, the Roman God of agriculture, wine and fertility.
Hike uphill through the vineyards to reach the ancient Postenturm (Post Tower), to be enthralled by the sweeping vista of the river and the town.
Stretch your legs on the winding paths of the Rheinburgenweg (Rhine Castles Trail).