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9 Best Things to See and Do in Krasnodar, Russia

Ishwari Pamu Nov 29, 2019
The city is like an elegant tapestry with a contrast of old-world churches and buildings, ultra-modernistic structures and green spaces, all of which are set in perfect harmony with each other. Here are a few things you mustn't miss while you are in Krasnodar.

Felitsyn Museum

A treat for archaeologists, this museum houses some of the rarest archaeological artifacts, manuscripts, weaponry, stamps, and books. It also chronicles the Russian and the Cossack history.

Sunny Island Park

Whether you prefer quiet walks along a waterfront under a canopy of trees or just an excursion at an amusement park, this park has it all, for kids and adults alike.

Monument to Catherine the Great

Built in the honor of Russia's most influential and iconic woman, Catherine the Great, it's located in Ekaterininskiy Skver - a charming garden enveloped in buildings of different architectures.

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Botanical Garden of Professor I. S. Kosenko

Probably the best place to start your day, get here for a walk amidst the lush greenery or just rent a bicycle and explore the beautiful gardens. Or come here to see the graceful peacocks.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

With five gilded domes and Florentine style windows, this is one of the most beautiful churches in the city. Built in 1853, it's named after one of the most renowned commanders during the Kievan Rus period. The church also houses relics of the Cossacks.

Chistyakovskiy Grove Park

Escape from the chaos of the city. Swing by this park if you want to spend some time with yourself. You'll find a lot of squirrels here, you can play with them and feed them. Just get bread and peanuts along with you. It's a therapy for free!

Bridge of Kisses

Once the city's most romantic place, it has fell into disrepair over the years. Nonetheless, it hasn't lost its charm and still manages to look stunning in the evenings with the Kuban river at its feet and the blue skies which make the perfect backdrop.

The City Garden

As far as parks in Krasnodar go, this one takes the cake. With rolling landscapes, ponds, a rose alley, colonnade, pathways under canopies of trees, it's the most photogenic park in the city. The alley with black walnuts has to be the most beautiful one.

Museum of the Weapons of Victory

Located at a waterfront, it's an open-air museum with exhibits displaying tanks, rocket launchers, weapons, submarines, military vehicles and more, used by the Soviet Union during WWII. Now who'd want to miss that!