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8 Marvelous Places to Explore in Montmartre, Paris

Sonali Pimpale Jun 27, 2019
Even in the 21st century, the beguiling district in Paris has stayed true to its village roots. Resting atop the Montmartre hill in the 18th arrondissement, the charming neighborhood was once blessed by the residence of virtuosos like Picasso and Dali, and tops the bucket list of every artistic mind!

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Moulin Rouge

The infamous cabaret theater is the soul of decadence in Paris.

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Located close to the Blanche metro station in Montmartre, and easily identified by the windmill on the roof, Moulin Rouge is considered to be the cradle of the can-can dance. Don’t miss out on a spectacular music and dance performance at the iconic theater!

The Basilica of Sacré-Coeur

It will be terribly hard to miss the magnificent basilica which towers above the city of Paris.
Don’t let its archaic appearance fool you. The construction of the basilica actually finished in the early 20th century. 
Depicting the Romano-Byzantine style, the second most visited monument in Paris pays homage to the soldiers who lost their lives, when France was defeated in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71.
Climb up to the top using either the stairs or a funicular for an unparalleled view of the capital of France.

Place du Tertre

Drop in at this postcard perfect neighborhood (literally!), to admire the Montmartre artists busy capturing the scenery on their canvases.
Wander through the cobblestoned streets, and get your portrait drawn from the artists in this historic square.

Musée de Montmartre

The oldest building in Montmartre, graced by the residence of artists and literary greats like Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Émile Bernard and Suzanne Valadon, houses the Museum of Montmartre. Trace the history of this glorious district, marvel at the original works of Utrillo, Willette, and Toulouse-Lautrec, and stroll through the beautiful Renoir Gardens.

Montmartre Cemetery

There, there...don’t start freaking out! Far from being spooky, the third largest cemetery in Paris is filled with gorgeous statues, tombstones and trees.
This cemetery is the final resting place of many famed personalities including Alexandre Dumas, Heinrich Heine and Émile Zola.

Espace Dalí

Disciples of Salvador Dalí will adore Espace Dalí, a small museum dedicated to the immortal works of the surrealist maestro. Boasting of around 300 original artworks and exquisite three-dimensional sculptures, the museum is said to host the largest collection of artworks by Dalí in France.

Musée de la Vie romantique

What’s a retreat to the City of Love without a dash of romance? Housed in the former residence of the Dutch painter Ary Scheffer, the Museum of the Romantics brims with romantic artworks, and focuses on the mementos of French romantic writers, especially George Sand.

Le Passe-Muraille

How would you like to see a man stuck in a wall? There, now. Don’t be alarmed, we do not mean literally!
Le Passe-Muraille (The Man Who Walked through Walls), is a remarkable statue that takes inspiration from a short story written by Marcel Aymé, a French writer. As the story goes, a man named Dutilleul suddenly discovers that he has the ability to glide through walls!
One of the statue’s hand is shinier than its companion - a result of tourists trying, futilely, to ‘rescue’ the man from the wall.