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8 Amazing Things to Do in Hallstatt, Austria

Priya Johnson Aug 2, 2019
Nestled at the foot of the snow-peaked Alpine mountains, this postcard-perfect town of Hallstatt in Austria looks like it's pulled straight out of a fairytale. It's even known as one of the most photographed villages in Europe.

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Historic Town Square: Central Square Marktplatz

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, Hallstatt's Old Town is lined with picture-perfect fairytale houses.
Sit and relax on the benches at this historic town square and soak in the perfect ambiance.

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Evangelical Church: Hallstatt Icon

Overlooking Hallstatt Lake, this 1863 church is the most easily recognized architecture of the village, with its slender spire gracing the picturesque lakeside view.

Unique Salt Mine Tour

Salt is the Austria's white gold that led to the region's prosperity. Learn all about the world's oldest salt mine and explore their interior by signing up for the salt mine tours.
A funicular lift takes you all the way to the top to the salt mine. Enjoy the view of the town during the ride.
The highlights of the salt mine tour are sliding down the miner slide, tasting the salt along the walls, riding the miner train, and also the oldest entirely preserved, prehistoric wooden staircase in Europe.

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Panoramic View of Hallstatt from Skywalk

At an elevation of 360 meters, this observation deck extends 12 meters from the edge. You need to take a scenic funicular ride to the top to get to the pointy-shaped steel observation deck.

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Enjoy the most breathtaking view of the quaint village beneath.

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Boat Ride on the Lake

Rent a boat and enjoy navigating through one of the most scenic and picturesque boat rides of your life. Soak in the beauty of the Dachstein Salzkammergut Mountains and the quaint houses along the village waterfront.

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Ferry Cruise

Ferry rides are more pricey as compared to the reasonably-priced rented boats, nevertheless, the experience is unique and memorable.
The discovery cruises take you on a visual and conceptual journey of the village, its history and landmarks.

Hallstatt Museum

Hallstatt has an impressive history and the best way to quickly dive into it is by paying a visit to the museum that is dedicated to the region.

Besides the amazing collection from the salt mines and Iron age era, the 3D tour through the past is also a highlight of the museum.

Ice Cave Tour

A breathtaking adventure amidst ice and rocks illuminated in a variety of colors is what makes the ice cave of Hallstatt so special.

The 30-meters rope bridge and the light and music show are the highlights of the tour.