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8 Awesome Places to Visit in Murcia, Spain

Sonali Pimpale Sep 7, 2019
The capital of the Region of Murcia, this idyllic, laid back city is blessed with some of the finest specimens of Baroque architecture and a glorious history.

Cathedral of Murcia

Built on the site of a mosque, the ornate cathedral is a potpourri of architectural styles from Gothic to Baroque.
Boasting of the highest bell tower in Spain, the cathedral holds the remains of King Alfonso X of Castile, as stipulated in his will.

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Castle of Monteagudi (Monteagudo Castle)

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Perched high atop a rocky mountain, the 9th century fortress still stands tall, easily distinguished by the statue of Christ. Originally used as a defensive stronghold by the Moors, the castle became the Murcian residence of King Alfonso X after his conquest in the 13th century.

Real Casino de Murcia

A lavish, private 19th century club for the elite, you can arrange for a tour to admire its opulent interiors, including a courtyard inspired from palaces of Andalusia.

Plaza de las Flores (Plaza of Flowers)

A lively square that bustles with shops, bars, and of course, florists! The restaurants here are ever-ready to sate your hunger pangs with Murcia’s famous, mouth watering tapas!

Floridablanca Gardens

Dotted by massive trees with gnarled roots, flower beds and benches, the oldest public park in the city is a haven for those seeking respite from the unforgiving sun.

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Museo Salzillo

An outstanding museum devoted to the works of an 18th century local artist, Francisco Salzillo.

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Terra Natura Murcia

A zoo guaranteed to warm the hearts of animal lovers! A legion of animals from lions, giraffes and brown bears to endangered ones like European lynx and Iberian wolves coexist in habitats closely resembling their natural ones.

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Make friends with the noble falcons in the Falconry Zone, and swim with playful sea lions at the Sea Lion Show!

Murcia Archaeological Museum

A delight for history buffs, the museum displays archaeological finds from across the region. Relics from Roman and Moorish legacies, and those from Bronze and Iron ages are the pride of this museum.