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8 Interesting Things to Do in Gaeta, Italy

Priya Johnson Aug 13, 2019
This small port town in the south of Italy overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea was also a military fortress for the Roman Empire. Today, this Italian city is loved for its lovely beaches, ancient architecture, rich history, and even its trademark olives.

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Walking Tour: Old City

A walk through the narrow streets of Old City is a wonderful way to soak in the charm of Gaeta.

Aragonese - Angevine Castle Tour

Assumed to have been built in the 6th or 7th century, this military castle is made up of two parts: Aragonese upper part and Angevine lower part. Today, the castle is used to hold various exhibitions, meetings, and conventions

Panoramic View of Gaeta from Monte Orlando

The best place to get an aerial view of Gaeta jutting out into the sea is from Monte Orlando. Hike along the paved walkways and enjoy a breathtaking view.

Sanctuary of Montagna Spaccata: Split Mountain

According to legend, this mountain split into two when Jesus Christ died on the cross. The base of the mountain forms a beautiful gorge, which can be accessed via a flight of stairs.

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San Francesco: Catholic Church

Built in 1283, San Francesco is situated in the heart of the city and can be easily distinguished by its elaborate Neo-Gothic architecture.

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Gaeta's Vast Shoreline

Gaeta is known for its 7, clear sandy beaches that are unique in their own way offering different activities.

Famous Gaeta Olives

The city of Gaeta has earned recognition for its black Gaeta olives, and only olives grown in this region can be sold under the name 'Olive di Gaeta'. Eat and take home plenty.

Local Dish: Tiella di Gaeta

Resembling a stuffed pizza, this dish is prepared by stuffing the dough with all kinds of fillings like meat, fish, veggies, olives, etc. and lots of olive oil and then baking it.