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8 Interesting Things to Do in Tequila, Mexico

Priya Johnson Jul 31, 2019
Birthplace of the iconic drink Tequila, this region is a UNESCO Heritage Site since 2006. Situated in Jalisco, Mexico, almost everything in this town revolves around the blue agave plant and the spirit distilled from it.

Blue Agave Field Trip

Agave is a succulent plant that thrives in the volcanic fields of the region. These fields have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
An agave field trip is a fun way to spend the day. Explore the fields on horsebacks and soak in the authentic Tequila atmosphere.

Agave Harvesting

Interact with the local agave farmers and learn all about agave farming. The farmers even allow you to hold the traditional 'Jima' (tool) and teach you how to chop off the agave leaves from the base agave pineapple.

Tequila Tasting aboard Tequila Express Train

The most unique way to get to the Magical Town Tequila is by booking a trip on the Tequila Express.
On this unique train ride, you are offered various tequila-based drinks along with an array of appetizers.

Tequila Distillery Tour

Over 60 tequila-producing factories are spread all across the town of Tequila, most of which offer tours. Each tour ends with the tasting of a variety of authentic tequila shots.
On these distillery tours, you will be taken all around the plant, right from the brick ovens wherein the agave pineapples are cooked, all the manufacturing processes in between and to the end where the spirit is aged in barrels.

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Watch the iconic spirit being bottled.

National Museum of Tequila

Learn all about the origin of Mexico's national drink and its journey and evolution through the generations at this museum. It also houses an antique collection of bottles and traditional agave processing equipment.

Authentic Tequila

Only the spirit obtained from the blue agave plant, primarily in the Jalisco region of Mexico falls under the authentic tequila category. Leguas, Herradura, Don Julio, Centenario, etc. are some popular legendary brands whose tequila is worth taking back home as souvenirs.

Non-alcoholic Souvenirs

Stroll around the town and stop at the local craft shops selling all kinds of local souvenirs. Choose from an array of tequila trinkets, miniature barrels with agave plants, jewelry, etc.

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Camping at Tequila Volcano

Regarded as the sacred mountain of the region, this volcanic mountain is responsible for the unique soil that favors the growth of the iconic blue agave plant.

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Enjoy a variety of outdoor activities here like hiking, rock climbing, and even camping.