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8 Mighty Mountains of China

Seema Nehete Sep 7, 2019
Most of the China's land is covered with Mountainous areas. While some of them are unspeakably wondrous others are repleted with rich cultural associations. Many proficient backpackers and adventurers from all over the world are enthralled by the thrilling mountains of China.

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Mount Everest

China takes pride in having the most beautiful and highest mountain in the world which is also referred to as "Zhumulangma" in Chinese.

Mount Tai

This picturesque mountain is surrounded by natural scenic views and is considered as a holy mountain having great cultural and historical importance.

Mount Emei

It's one of the "Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains" of China and the Buddhist temple situated on its peak is said to be the first Buddhist temple built in China.

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Huangshan Mountain

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Huangshan or "Yellow Mountain" is known for its unique features like oddly-shaped granite peaks, crystal-clear hot springs, beautiful sunrise and mesmerizing views of the clouds moving above.

Mount Wutai

Mount Wutai is often referred to as "Five-Terrace Mountain" and is greatly recognised for its surrounding five main peaks.

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Wuyi Mountains

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Wuyi Mountains stand beautifully in a natural landscape with fascinating scenery and many caves.

Changbai Mountains

These snow-capped mountains are known for having stunning scenery during all the seasons but is more beautiful during winters. Besides having scenic surroundings the Heavenly Lake and Changbai Waterfall are the main attractions here.

Rainbow Mountains

These mountains are one of the geological wonders of the world known for having mystical colors which appears similar as a rainbow painted over the mountains that provides a visual feast to the eyes.