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8 Most Beautiful Villages Along the Alsace Wine Route, France

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Sep 3, 2019
The road down the foothills of the Vosges Mountains along the Rhine plain leads to the the quaint and mesmerizing scenes. You get to discover some of the most beautiful villages of Alsace, France. These villages appear to be the places where fairytale meets reality.

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1. Colmar

This picturesque city is located in the heart of Alsace. There are a several architectural landmarks, meandering lanes, and pretty canals that maintain the old world charm of this place.

2. Riquewihr

Named as one of the ‘Most Beautiful Villages of France’ as well as ‘Flowering Village’, Riquewihr is the gem of Alsace.

3. Ribeauville

This charming village has a medieval setting and awarded a 4-star ‘Villages Fleuris’ for its gorgeous floral display.

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4. Kaysersberg

Another exotic town in Alsace is home to an old castle and a colorful maze of streets. It has an exquisite floral pattern that has earned it a title of the best ‘Flowering Cities and Villages'.

5. Obernai

Though it may not be as colorful and charming as Riquewihr, it is the best place to go shopping. From jewelry, to clothes, to food to shop at its market, Obernai is a popular stop on the Alsace Wine Route.

6. Eguisheim

Once a winner of the Grand Prix National du Fleurissent, it is equal to a fairytale village with its brightly painted half-timbered houses with window sills decorated with captivating potted flowers.

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7. Munster

This beautiful village is famous for its cheese and is no doubt the starting point of ‘Route du Fromage’ (Cheese Trail). It also has a museum devoted entirely to cheese!

8. Selestat

This village has a rich cultural heritage and was once the city of humanism during the 15th and 16th century. Today, it is known as a "Ville d'Art and d'Histoire" i.e. city of art and history.

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Bergheim, Kintzheim, Strasbourg, Dambach-la-Ville, Rosheim, etc. are few of the most beautiful villages in the Alsace region of France. The villages along the Alsace Wine Route are definitely the perfect holiday destination where the old world charm meets the photogenic Instagram scenes of today.