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8 of the Best Tourist Attractions in Hefei, China

Bindu swetha Nov 30, 2019
Hefei, the cultural center and the capital of Anhui province, is dotted with spectacular Chao Lake, Yangtze and Huaihe rivers that make it truly a picturesque city! The city offers a lot of historical sightseeing destinations alongside other scenic spots for an unforgettable journey.

Swan Lake

This artificial, swan-resembling lake occupies a massive 70 hectares water area, while the open park is spread over a 136 hectares area.

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With an artificial beach, waterfalls, trees and sculptures surrounding the lake, tourists can engage in running, walking, cycling and exercising activities!

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Xiaoyaojin Park

Spread over an area of 30 hectares, the Xiaoyaojin Park is the place to relax and to enjoy some amusement rides and boating. Take your kids to the zoo or watch the beautiful waterfall, besides to the park.
There is a Bonsai Garden to the western part of the park that has about 50 varieties of plants. The tomb of Zhang Liao Tomb is situated in the Bonsai garden.

Baogong Park

This tourist destination comprises of 4 scenic spots: Baogong Temple, Bao Cemetery, Qingfeng Pavilion, and Fuzhuang.

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One can enjoy some quiet relaxing time at the park and also learn about the history of the place, at the ancestral hall that is opened to the public. The park is a free-to-roam place, but one needs to buy tickets to visit the other nearby attractions.

Qingfeng Pavilion

Overlooking the Baohe River, the Qingfeng Pavilion is crowned with trees and flowering plants! Resembling the ancient constructions of the Song Dynasty, the Pavilion is about 42 meters high and has about 9 floors!
One can see a lot of stone inscriptions, wood carvings, and couplets hanging from the columns of the hall. Take the elevator to the top of the Pavillion, to enjoy the scenic beauty of Hefei.

Bao Zheng Cemetery

Dedicated to Lord Bao Zheng, the cemetery is surrounded by a garden as well as a museum. Don't forget to visit this place, as it is located under a temple building (Bao Gong Temple) in a lit tunnel, you would easily miss the site!

Hefei Wildlife Park

Located around 6 miles from the main city, the Hefei Wildlife Park, a zoo, covers an area of 100 hectares of lush green woods! With over 2,000 animals and birds, a sea lion show and a bird garden, the place is worth taking your kids along.

Former Residence of Li Hongzhang

Li Hongzhang was a key official in the Qing dynasty. Be sure to visit his former residence (on the HuaiHe Lu BuXingJie pedestrian area), which is converted into a museum, highlighting his personal and political life.

Three Kingdoms Site Park

This site covers an area of 35 hectares! Here, explore this popular places:
  • Three Kingdoms military and historical museum,
  • Xincheng Cultural Relic Exhibition Hall,
  • Podium for Directing Military Training,
  • Site of Weapon Founding

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  • Learn some basic Chinese words, as you will rarely find people talking in English.
  • Try the local Hui cuisine - one of the eight great cuisines of China
  • Watch the performances of the Lu Opera